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Whatever happened to the Anthrax Letter Investigation?(1 post)

Whatever happened to the Anthrax Letter Investigation?Me Dot Org
Mar 8, 2003 12:46 PM
This seems to be one front of the war on terrorism you don't hear a lot about.

The anthrax used was a strain that was genetically matched to a strain from Ft. Detrick, Maryland (the Army's biological research lab).

It showed very sophisticated "weaponization", .05-5.0 micron size, which is optimum for inhalation. In addition, the letter sent to Senator Daschle was electrostatically inert, which is the Gordian Knot of bioweapons manufacture. Electrostatic charge is what makes powder cling to you hand. It causes powder to cling to itself, preventing optimum dispersal.

While the letters said "Death to Israel" and "Death to America", they also had warnings, ("Take Penacilin (sic) Now") whiich would indicate that they were made to frighten more than kill. Many feel that, Al Qaida, for example, would not so solicitous as to provide warnings, tape the edges of the envelopes, and use what is known as a "pharmaceutical fold" (folding along a vertical crease on either side of the letter) to prevent spillage.

There are some that say that the F.B.I. knows who mailed the letters (possibly a disgruntled bio research former employee), but for unknown reasons (possibly creating more security problems?) refuses to act.

Anyone else heard anything on this investigation lately? Opinions, comments?