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sn69 - do you know of any?(4 posts)

sn69 - do you know of any?McAndrus
Mar 7, 2003 9:09 AM
I've been looking, it seems like forever, for a good rendering of German analysis of American combat tactics in WWII. I found a similar thing on Japanese thinking a while back on the internet but as yet I can't find anything on the German perspective.

Do you know of any such work?
Unfortunately I can't remember their titles....sn69
Mar 7, 2003 9:38 AM
I had some books on that, but I lost them in last summer's two consecutive huricanes (when my house flooded).

In some ways, the Germans were stunned by some stuff we did. As with most of Europe's military forces, there was a general feeling of contempt towards our non-aristocratic chain of command. But that, I've always thought, was the sublime brilliance of our system. The Maj gets shot and the Capt is ready to take over, and so on right down to the Corporal. The rest of Europe's armies were never really set-up along those lines, and they never fully understood why we continued to work so well even in the face of battlefield casualties.

I wish I still had the books, but unfortunately New Orleans "ate" them.... Perhaps some of Ambrose's work is a good starting point.
Yes but I was looking for something more specific.McAndrus
Mar 7, 2003 12:01 PM
What I found on the Japanese was a detailed intelligence report that analyzed American infantry tactics. If I remember it correctly, the tactic the Japanese found most difficult to counter was the American doctrine of advance, consolidate, and advance.

In other words, Americans would attack, consolidate a position and establish forward supplies and reinforcements, and attack again. Whenever the Japanese tried to counterattack in force, they'd find an already established forward supply system, well-manned emplacements, and units that were very capable of defending themselves.

An example from Patton in France was his use of air power to protect his flanks. He thought he could advance without infantry support for armor by using air support to hit any potential counterattacking German units.

Its this kind of analysis I'm seeking. If you don't know one, that's fine. I'll keep looking. But if you happen to run across run, I'd appreciate a heads-up.
Boy, you're really getting into the weeds.sn69
Mar 7, 2003 6:59 PM
Are you a student of tactics? This is really in-dpeth stuff. You might want to try a web search for the Naval Institute Press. They are a publishing house not just for the Naval War College, but also for most of the major military senior echelon academies.