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Halliburton...screwin' it away AGAIN(15 posts)

Halliburton...screwin' it away AGAINsn69
Mar 6, 2003 12:51 PM


The entire executive board (ah-hem) of this stupid company should have to share a cell with Walker-Lindh and Khalid.
Who needs Iraq when you've got Halliburton?PdxMark
Mar 6, 2003 1:59 PM
We're about to launch a war on the supposition that Iraq has WMD that might, maybe, could be passed to terrorists groups. Here a US company, loses the core equivalent of a WMD. Wow. Can't wait to hear how folks defend Halliburton. Maybe it's time to make an example of someone to show what level corporate responsibility is expected with dangerous devices.
Compelling pointsn69
Mar 6, 2003 2:13 PM
"Maybe it's time to make an example of someone to show what level corporate responsibility is expected with dangerous devices."

Of course, niether I nor Eyebob nor Spookyload can openly discuss one of the key players involved, including business conducted at length with Saddam as recently as '97.....

Twawk amongst yah-selffs....
Too bad the "genius of capitalism". . .czardonic
Mar 6, 2003 2:28 PM
. . .can't protect us from Dick Cheney and the rest of capitalism's geniuses.
Should we twawk about the Cheney-Halliburton Axis of Evil?OldEdScott
Mar 6, 2003 3:29 PM
Cheney: Almost No Iraq business policy at HalliburtonPdxMark
Mar 6, 2003 3:54 PM

A great article summarizing the Halliburton-Iraq business deals. Halliburton acquired a couple companies in 9/1998 doing business in Iraq, and then continued doing business there under Cheney ($30 million) through 12/1999. Clinton Admin blocked some sales, but I'm sure that was just Liberal Interference in commercial activity.

During that time frame, Iraqi oil sales rise from $4 billion a year (1997) to $18 billion (2000).

So let's get this straight. Cheney's company helps rebuild Iraqi oil production facilitites to help quadruple Iraqi oil output. And I bet Halliburton will be a prime supplier on rebuiding Iraqi facilities again!

I wonder what sort of threat Iraq would be today with $20-$30+ billion fewer oil dollars to play with. Wow, I usually dismiss the radical liberal oil conspiracy-mongers, but sheesh.

Could you imagine what Republicans would do to a Clinton who did this???
Should we twawk about Whitewater axis of evade? (nm)Captain Morgan
Mar 7, 2003 6:45 AM
Absolutely! I'd be very comfortable comparing theOldEdScott
Mar 7, 2003 6:54 AM
financial 'sins' of the Clintons with the financial, ah, dealings of the Cheney-Bush crowd. Yep. That would be a real fun comparison.
Got new evidence you'd like to share?Captain Morgan
Mar 7, 2003 8:49 AM
If so, the SEC might want to speak with you.
They have my address. Or can get it from Cheney's lawyer, whoOldEdScott
Mar 7, 2003 9:34 AM
has just sent me a threatening letter for criticizing the Great Man on this board.

Jacobins! HA HA HA HA HA!
Clinton did it! (Squawk!) Clinton did it! (Squawk!) Clinton...Dale Brigham
Mar 7, 2003 9:40 AM
Are you the pirate, or just the parrot on his shoulder?

Very well thought out postCaptain Morgan
Mar 7, 2003 11:11 AM
You liberals can dish it out to Bush and Cheney but can't take it for Clinton.

I think you missed your calling. Jay Leno could use your assistance.
Well shoot, if 'us liberals' could onlyOldEdScott
Mar 7, 2003 11:16 AM
get you arguing in the same decade ...
Okay -- starting a new discussion above (nm)Captain Morgan
Mar 7, 2003 12:03 PM
Gee, I wonder what would happen...mohair_chair
Mar 6, 2003 3:15 PM
Wouldn't it be absolutely shocking if inspectors discovered the "missing" device in Iraq?

Oh look! The smoking gun! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.