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Let's play Security Council Roulette - how will the vote go?(5 posts)

Let's play Security Council Roulette - how will the vote go?PdxMark
Feb 28, 2003 11:25 AM
This is supposed to be a fun game. No politics. No philosophy... just how will the vote on a second Iraq resolution go. Here are your options:

1) There's no vote on a second resolution. With threat of a veto or loss, the second resolution is withdrawn without a vote.

2) There is a vote, but you gotta say who votes how. You need 9 votes to win - even though there are 15 Security Council members.

Here's your program. You can't play without a program. Know the players and their positions. Here's a rundown of the latest positions of all 15 Security Council members.


• United States: Washington wants a approval of a second resolution but says it will attack Iraq without one.

• United Kingdom: Prime Minister Tony Blair, facing massive public opposition to war, is strongly seeking a second resolution.

• Spain: Led by conservative prime minister Jose Maria Aznar, is a co-sponsor of U.S.-U.K. resolution.

• Bulgaria: The former communist country is leaning toward supporting the second resolution.


• Russia: Moscow says war is not necessary now and reserves the right to use its veto.

• China: Beijing is wary of unilateral U.S. action but is considered unlikely to use its veto.

• Mexico: While the public is strongly opposed to war, the U.S.'s southern neighbor has recently indicated it is moving towards Washington's position.

• Pakistan: An Islamic country that receives substantial U.S. aid, it is reluctant to support an attack on an Arab country but also reluctant to oppose the United States.

• Angola: undecided.

• Chile: undecided.

• Guinea: undecided but has historical ties to France.

• Cameroon: undecided but has historical ties to France.


• France:: President Jacques insists that current inspections efforts are working, that war must be a last resort and that it will veto any second resolution.

• Germany: The Berlin government is adamantly opposed to a second resolution and a U.S. attack.

• Syria: The lone Arab country on the Security Council is opposed to a second resolution and a U.S. attack.
I'll pick a no vote on the resolution as most likely, because...PdxMark
Feb 28, 2003 11:30 AM
of the threat of a veto by Russia and a slim or no 9 vote majority. France won't veto.

Second choice: Resolution narrowly passes with US, UK, Spain, Bulgaria, Mexico, Pakistan, Angola, Chile, Cameroon.
Resolution withdrawn. No vote. It's a sure loserOldEdScott
Feb 28, 2003 11:44 AM
and Bush will just declare the SC irrelevant and go off on his own rather than suffer the humiliation of an actual vote.
Resolution PassesJon Billheimer
Feb 28, 2003 2:53 PM
I go with Pdx's scenario. American money talks. Brace yourself American taxpayers for higher deficits to bankroll Bush's "conservative" foreign policy agenda.
Clarification: Pdx's 2nd scenario. nmJon Billheimer
Feb 28, 2003 2:56 PM