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Mr. Roberts neighborhood...(4 posts)

Mr. Roberts neighborhood...rwbadley
Feb 27, 2003 6:49 PM
On the passing of Mr. Fred Rogers I would like to express thanks and admiration for all his efforts to create happy kids. He was a good man. His notoriety was such that everyone knows Mr. Rogers and immediately thinks of the soft spoken man in his happy neighborhood.
On that note I would like to share a parody of this gentle man, presented by National Lampoon in 1977. Please accept it as humor and a salute to Fred Rogers...
(sound of gentle piano music)
Mr. Roberts: We're going to do something now that I know you'll like, we're going to take a walk outside. Let's go up the steps -one-two-three- Now we're outside in the yard. Can you say that? Yard? Sure, I knew you could.
Mr. Heimen: Roberts, Roberts! Can I have a word with you for a minute?
Roberts: That's Mr Heimen from across the way, he's going to come to talk to us...Hi Mr. Heimen, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood how are you doing?..
Heimen:Pretty good, I've got something on my mind, it's my son Timmy, he's been spending alot of time at your house...
Roberts: I like Timmy, he's special. He get's to feed my fish that's his special job...
Heimen: Well, he won't be feeding your fish anymore. I have told him NOT to be going over to your house anymore and I would appreciate it if you stay away from him...Know what I'm talkin' about?
Roberts: Did he like the lederhosen that I made for him? I lined them with silk so they wouldn't chafe him in the summer...
Heimen: I didn't, I thought they were an unusual gift for a grown man to be giving a child..
Roberts: I was going to put a zipper in, but I thought the buttons would be good for his little fingers...
Heimen: What I'm talkin' about is, YOU and the children in the neighborhood, I think you spend an inordinate amount of time with the kids, ya know... ya don't seem to have any adult friends and you don't seem to have a job of any kind. You don't go to work, you just hang around feeding the fish and walkin around the neighborhood. You do anything for a living, Fred?
Roberts: I like to get up in the morning... I like to put my feet in the wading pool. And turn on the hose and wash them. Its a special feeling...
Heimen: How do ya.. how do ya... And you make money off this Fred?
Roberts: What are you driving at?
Heimen: Well, the thing I'm wondering about is, Al Morton, you know Al?
Roberts: Sure I do, he's the policeman. He's a sergeant, he has three stripes.
Heimen: Well his son Skipper said you TOUCHED HIM last Tuesday, alright?
Roberts: Touched him?
Heimen: Yeah, ya know what I'm talkin' about?
Roberts: Can you say deja vu?
Heimen: Uh huh, sure, Can you say MOLEST? Can you say that?
Roberts: Molest. Sure, sure.
Heimen: You know what I mean?
Roberts: Sure, sure. Sure I do.
Heimen: You know what we're talking about then. Alright, I've got a petition here, 18 names, parents in the neighborhood who would like you outta the neighborhood. Ya know what I'm talking about? All wantcha out, you understand? Cause we don't like ya. I don't like your face, I don't like the way you comb your hair, I don't like those shoes. Ya know what I mean?
Roberts: Well, I like it here.
Heimen: I don't like that sweater! I noticed you buttoned your sweater.
Roberts: Uh huh, Sure I did.
Heimen: Well Fred, you forgot to tie your shoes!
Roberts: Well, my shoes? What do you mean? (bends over to look)
Heimen: (punches Roberts)
Roberts: Ouch! O jees, that hurts ya know (punch) There goes my loafer (punch) Ouch, ooo bloody nose...

Thanks, Mr. Rogers, you were one of a kind.
too bad there aren't more like himDougSloan
Feb 28, 2003 7:46 AM
I never was a big fan, as I found him a little boring.

Nonetheless, I'll never forget him though. Around 1982, my brother and I were riding our motorcycles from California to Missouri. We stayed in some cheap motel in Amarillo. As we were getting ready to leave in the morning, Mr. Rogers was on, and the last thing we heard before heading out the door was "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...", as were were greeted by pouring rain for most of the day. We kept singing the song out loud enough to hear each other on the bikes, and it sure made the miserable experience more tolerable. Thank you, Mr. Rogers.

I never heard a bad word about himColnagoFE
Feb 28, 2003 9:38 AM
I heard him accept an award for something or other once and his acceptance speech astounded me with his compassion for other humans. He truly seemed like a selfless man who really believed in what he was doing. There ought to be more like him.
Don't forget Mr. Robinsons neighborhood...Alpedhuez55
Feb 28, 2003 8:00 AM
THanks for the post. It was pretty good. My favoorite parody of Mr. Rogers was Mr. Robinson's Neigborhood. That was one of Eddie Murphy's funniest moments on SNL. I think even Fred Rogers felt that was funny.

As a lot of children wh grew up in the last few decades, I grew up watching Mr. Rogers. He will be missed but will live on in repeats.

Mike Y.