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What do you do to control spam?(7 posts)

What do you do to control spam?Captain Morgan
Feb 24, 2003 8:31 AM
I just read this statistic: 780,000,000 -The number of "spam" e-mails blocked by America Online each DAY, or 100 million more e-mails than it delivers.

I just quit AOL (after 9 years) and got dsl. The amount of spam was unbelievable on AOL, and so far the spammers have not gotten my new earthlink address. I do not know if earthlink's email service is just better at blocking spam, or if its just a matter of time. I have never gotten any spam at work, but my company may have some systems for blocking spam.

Does anyone use any add-on programs or do anything else to control their spam?
re: What do you do to control spam?Alpedhuez55
Feb 24, 2003 9:01 AM
I think the best way is to respond to every Penis Enlargement & Viagara with Out Dr. Email you get and within weeks, you will be able to poke Spammers eyes out from 50 paces ;)

I tried using AOL's report spam function, but I have seen an increase in Spam since I started to do this. I think if you hit Block, it just tells them it is a good address, they sell it to other people and you get more Spam.

Now I just delete it. I tried using a seperate folder for Junk Mail on Hotmail, but some reqular emails went there as well. I think the best way is to just guard your email adress and if you want to sign up for any mailing lists or news letters, do it using Hotmail because Spam will most certainly follow asnd you can just delete that address and move to another. I know they are coming out with new Anti-Spam software, but they always find ways around that.

Good Luck!!!
Mike Y.
Use multiple addresses. . .js5280
Feb 24, 2003 9:29 AM
Use your DSL address only for trusted sources, such as close friends/family and trusted businesses. Then I have a few hotmail accounts. One is a general purpose, I use it for friends, businesses, that correspond with regularly. Then I have a job hunt email address for things like Lastly I have a throw-away address for when you have to enter an email for an untrusted source.

I agree with just deleting junk mail vs. using spam filters. My guess is the filter just shows you're there and keeps you name on their lists. In hotmail, I use the highest security level so all mail, except my mailing list, goes to the junk mail. Then I comb though the junk mail just in case. It's pretty easy and better than sorting out the junk mail since it way out numbers real email.

Lastly a little email humor. . .
Here's what this Messaging Specialist does:Kristin
Feb 24, 2003 9:42 AM
1. Choosing an email address.
There are applications whose whole function is to generate probably email addresses. They just churn out junk mail all day to addresses that "might" be good. So when you create your email account, change it up a bit so that it will not be guessable. i.e. no common words, don't use your name...things like that.

2. Lie.
If you're asked to share your email address on a web page, or if there is any chance that a person/website may be unscrupulous, then give them a fake address. If you do this, I garentee you'll get no spam from that person or group.

3. Create a SPAM account.
If you're uncomfortable lying to unscrupulous people. OR for those cases when the unscrupulous people want to "veryify" your address before they give you whatever goodie they are offering, create yourself a SPAM account. Choose any free email provider and register an email address like: Use this address whenever you don't trust the person you are giving it to. (I must say, the goodies offered these days are rather lackluster. I miss the early days of the web when you could score real booty for trying a service.)

4. Read the privacy statement before registering.
When registering for a service and giving your email, look over their privacy policy. Now, please note. Just because they say they won't sell your name, doesn't mean they won't. You have to consider the source and decide if you trust them. Typically, asking a website to send you email is inviting spam.

5. White pages.
ISP's have a directory with all their members email addresses. Make sure that your DSL provider is keeping your email address private. If they have already shared your address, then ask them to change it to a new one and specifically request that it not be shared. Most spammers get their info from white pages.

6. NEVER...EVER unsubscribe to SPAM
If the initial message was not solicited...i.e. you didn't sign up on thier stupid website to begin with, then just DELETE. It's the oldest trick in the book. Its like shutting off all the lights in your house to hide from that door-to-door salesman, and then as soon as he knocks, calling out, "There's no one home."

7. Send them an undeliverable message.
When a SPAM-er manages to find my super duper top-secret Messaging Specialist email account, I launch a denile-of-service attack on thier server. No, no just kidding. Not that I don't think they deserve it; but they certainly aren't worth my going to jail over. What I do is generate a fake undeliverable message and send it back to them. If you create one well enough, most Spammers will remove you from their database. (If you want detailed instructions on how to do this, let me know.)

8. Don't bother blocking.
Most SPAM is generated automatically by an application that sends itself from different email addresses. We've all seen this in action. wants to show me her dorm room. Then 5 minutes later her friend Amy makes me the same offer. Wow, what school do they go attend?? Of course, blocking Julianna doesn't do me much good. If SPAM consistently comes to you from the same address, then the SPAM-er isn't very bright.
Always refrigerate after opening...asphalt assault
Feb 24, 2003 5:45 PM
It gets rancid if you put it back in the pantry:/
choose a good email programaeon
Feb 24, 2003 5:58 PM
I use Microsoft Outlook XP for my email. It includes a filter function that allows you to delete email containing certain words or subjects or from addresses, or move them to a junk folder or whatever you like.

It lets you create a list of words to check for, and I tell it to move them into a junk folder just in case I filter a good message, which happens. So I automatically filter out porn words, investment, etc etc, and all the spanish spam that i mysteriously get.
Uh-oh - you get El Spammo! Bad bad news...nmRimfired
Feb 25, 2003 10:10 AM