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I'll have Freedom Fries & a Hot Dog w/Liberty Cabbage(2 posts)

I'll have Freedom Fries & a Hot Dog w/Liberty CabbageAlpedhuez55
Feb 19, 2003 4:59 PM
French fries are out, freedom fries are in
Associated Press

BEAUFORT, N.C. - You can get fries with your order at Cubbie's, but just don't ask for french fries.

"Because of Cubbie's support for our troops, we no longer serve french fries. We now serve freedom fries," says a sign in the restaurant's window.

Owner Neal Rowland said the switch from french fries to freedom fries came to mind after a conversation about World War I days when anti-German sentiment prompted Americans to rename familiar German foods like sauerkraut and frankfurter to liberty cabbage and hot dog.

Rowland said his decision to change the name of french fries reflects a political sentiment that comes as Americans watch France backs away from support for war in Iraq.

"Everyone wants to have their freedom fries. They're going right along with it," said waitress Amy Foster, who cleared tables after the first lunch crowd to hear about the menu revision.

But Rowland said his intent is not to slight the French people, but to take a patriotic stance to show his support for the United States and the actions of President Bush.

"It's our way of showing our patriotic pride," he said, noting that his business has a lot of local military troops stop by as customers. "A lot of them stop here on their way back to Cherry Point."

This news item was pretty funny. I guess it is a good marketing idea given his location. I hope they are not using French's Mustard on their Burgers though.

Mike Y.
I think I'll uncork a nice surrender-monkey red tonight! (NM)torquer
Feb 20, 2003 8:47 AM