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Getting Verified in Paypal? Also, questions about the new..(3 posts)

Getting Verified in Paypal? Also, questions about the new..Kristin
Feb 18, 2003 12:01 PM
I haven't done this yet because I really didn't want my primary (read: only) checking account connected to anything online. Since I don't understand the security around doing this, I don't feel safe. BUT, more and more sellers are requiring verified accounts. What can someone tell me about keeping my account safe.

Also, has anyone here gone through the new user agreement for Paypal. Might you summarize???
re: Getting Verified in Paypal? Also, questions about the new..Alpedhuez55
Feb 18, 2003 1:16 PM
It is pretty routine Kristin. They will typically send you two small Electronic Funds Transfer deposits of lss than a dollar to your checking account. What you need to do is verify the amounts of the deposits and you are all set. A company I used to work for used the same system to verify accounts. Pay pal will not give your account info to other people. It is like a middle man so you can pay from or receive funds in your checking account without giving the other person your account info.

I have never heard of any problems with fraud involving pay pal itself. I remember seeing fraud with other companies that offered simular type services for adult websites. You have to pull the trigger before any money is taken out of your account with Pay pal. You will typically get an invoice asking for the money. I do not know if you can challenge a charge to you credit card though. Still, if you use it for Ebay, make sure they have a good rating. You should be OK. I think Pay Pal is pretty safe.

Good Luck!!!
Mike Y.
re: Getting Verified in Paypal? Also, questions about the new..wookieontherun
Feb 18, 2003 2:06 PM
There have been a number of problems with Paypal... has a bunch of stories. I still use it though... Just try and stay well informed.