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France(7 posts)

FranceCaptain Morgan
Feb 18, 2003 6:22 AM
Some funny quotes in today's WSJ, one calling France and Germany: "Axes of Weasel"

"Vive les wimps"

On a more serious note, I recall a thread a few weeks ago that discussed why Americans dislike the French. There is a compelling argument today: "Charles De Gaulle rebuilt French pride following the humiliation of WWII in part by defining France as a counterweight to the U.S." Therefore, their opposition to the U.S. over the years is based on their efforts to make themselves look important.

Apparently, Jacques Chirac is continuing that tradition by trying to position France as the de facto leader of a combined European Union foreign policy. He would like the EU to combine to have one voice in foreign relations (albeit only if it matches HIS position evidently).
They'd be amusing if they weren't maddeningMcAndrus
Feb 18, 2003 8:48 AM
From my amateur readings of the histories of the world wars and the Hundred Years War I've concluded that the French are a people with massive amounts of self-esteem and often hubris.

I wish I knew enough about them to know why. Wait, maybe I don't.
re: Franceeurochien
Feb 18, 2003 8:53 AM
Vive les wimps indeed, who have known death and destruction, acts of savagery by foreign troops on its soil and lost millions read: m-i-l-l-i-o-n-s of civilians and military in two world wars. What a bunch of wimps to not want to go to war again under the current clear-cut circumstances! George Bush, when he's all but finished with Saddam Hussein (should take about 3 days of surgical strikes, right?) should just bomb France and rid the world of that snotty, frog-eating, Jerry Lewis loving, capitulating, cheese-eating, beret-wearing, bicycle-riding, perfume-making, wine-drinking country. Might as well do the Krauts while he's at it. And the Belgians. And anyone else who voices any opposition to the current US Administration policies. Then the world will be at peace.
l'eurochien, un français qui t'emmerde.
I STILL don't get the Jerry Lewis thing. ;-)~ nmsn69
Feb 18, 2003 9:06 AM
You would thinkCaptain Morgan
Feb 18, 2003 10:14 AM
Since they have known such "death and destruction," you would think that the French would be sympathetic to the suffering of citizens of brutal regimes. But I guess they are only concerned with their OWN well being.
You would thinkMe Dot Org
Feb 21, 2003 11:37 AM
It was Chirac who changed the stand-offish French policy (After Mitterand's defeat) towards NATO intervention in Bosnia.

French troops fought in Desert Storm.
Q. What do you call 100 Frenchman with their arms raised highFunston
Feb 18, 2003 9:07 AM
A. The French Army

Maybe that was too easy...