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Shocking mis-use of American flag(3 posts)

Shocking mis-use of American flagPdxMark
Feb 17, 2003 3:00 PM
I sat down last night to watch the grand finale parade of Disney's The Music Man last night. The trombones and coronets come marching by (though, regrettably, no-where near 76 trombones), the rest of the band, and then the flag carriers flicking and spinning their flags.

I was shocked. Seriously. Rather than generic decorative banners, the flags were American flags - or flags that were very close replicas. They were being spun around, just along the ground, even.

Long ago I happened to learn the flag code. If my recollection is correct, such a display is an amazing show of disrespect to the flag. It's one thing to disrespect the flag as a political or protest statement, but to disrespect it as a decorative banner without significance seems worse.

Maybe my recollection of the flag code is wrong. Or maybe they weren't American flags. But it really was shocking to see it in a national broadcast.
Increasingly common.Spoke Wrench
Feb 18, 2003 7:37 AM
Once you become sensitive to improper displays of the American flag, you start to see them everywhere. I cut most of the disusers a bit of slack because it looks to me like the misuse is a result of ignorance rather than disrespect.

My current "favorite" is to use the flag to disguise cell phone towers. I think that's outrageous. In this case, the flag is not being displayed out of patriotism or love of old glory, but simply to stifle public resistance to erecting the tower.
Then there's that whole half-staff thing...Silverback
Feb 18, 2003 8:33 AM
According to most interpretations of the Flag Code, only the president has the authority to order the flag to half-staff, and only in response to events of national significance. Where I live, the governor and the mayor have recently ordered flags lowered for things like the death of a police officer or some other local event. A local restaurant manager, a retired military guy, refused to lower the flag outside his place because he said the occasion didn't warrant it and the order (from the mayor) was illegal. He was criticized and boycotted for it.