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To Alpedhuez55, Sintensi and whomever else....(6 posts)

To Alpedhuez55, Sintensi and whomever else....sn69
Feb 15, 2003 7:44 PM
Thank you both.

I've read and re-read jrm's post and tried to figure out what to say. Jon B. has lauded me in the past for level-headed posts, but this one got my blood boiling to the extent that to respond to jrm would have resulted in little more than threats of physical violence. And that would NOT have been good.

You two restored my faith,...and I sincerely appreciate that.

Here's an interesting observation. My wife is Irish-American, and she and I have been reconstructing her family history for the past year. We've traced back to the 11th century, which is amazing by any standards. Me? I can get back as far as most of my family's arrival in the United States in 1911. Beyond that or pertaining to those who stayed in Austria...the records don't exist. Imagine having your family history slicked as if you didn't count.

Now juxtapose that against the modern reality of life in Palestine, where you are denied the very socio-economic opportunites granted to those just across the checkpoints on the Israeli side. I'll go out on a limb here and state that I think Sharon is a war criminal/murderer and that Arafat is a terrorist/murderer. I think the continued occupation and settlement of those lands designated as Palestinian are criminal and that they must stop. ...As much as the continued terrorist attacks on the Israeli populace must stop.

The world seems to be going to shit to me. I'm an officer in the United States Navy--third-generation U. S. military--and I'm keenly aware of facets of the war on terror that would keep most of you up at night if you knew the complete scope of the efforts of AQ to strike our homeland without remorse. Things are bad, but a great many people are working diligently to keep all of you safe...often at the expense of their personal safety and to the detriment of their semblance of a normal life. I'm not talking about GW's supposed intentions in Iraq either.

Amidst all that, however, I secretly fear the emergence of a voice within our own society that blames Judaism for all this. It's irrational, I know, but my fear is there nonetheless.

Let me tell you some of what I've learned traveling abroad as a member of the US Pacific Fleet and interfacing for so long with our supposed Middle Eastern allies. They love Israel. In fact, they are Israel's most ardent supporters. The cold, harsh reality is that the governments of "allies" in the Middle East enjoy using Israel as a scapegoat for their own social trespasses and evils. "It's not our fault that the balance of wealth is so inequitable and that the vast majority of you live in squalor and ignorance. No,'s the Israeli/Jewish/American conspiracy." It's a well-maintained governmental facade that is no different than the reasons why the early 1980's Argentine government chose to go to war over a few forelorn, sheep covered islands in the extreme South Atlantic. As long as Israel exsists and there is strife between them and the Palestinians, those governments have a scapegoat.

Yet it doesn't help that with each successive generation, this horrid, lamentable cycle of violence is taught to the youth of Israel and Palistine. Hatred for the sake of hatred--is there nothing worse that mankind can come up with?! I marvel at both Palestinians and Israelis who somehow manage to justify it.

As for jrm's so-called Jewish controlled media, I wonder, then why it also chooses to report on the growing left-wing opposition movement within Israel. It's true that a great many employees in broadcast media and the telecom entertainment industry are Jewish. So are a lot of doctors and lawyers. Maybe that has something to do with losing everything to come to America 100 years ago, or maybe it has something to do with the concept of eduction being a religious sacriment. Maybe it's just because we really like living in SoCal.

In any case, the thought of a grand Jewish consipiracy is a stupid as the con
re: To Alpedhuez55, Sintensi and whomever else....sn69
Feb 15, 2003 7:44 PM
In any case, the thought of a grand Jewish consipiracy is a stupid as the concept of a secret UN army invading American (OBTW, I fly the "black helicopters), faked lunar landings, or--perish the thought--that all Muslims hate America. Ignorance is so obvious.....

I'm done. Now I'm off to surf eBay for some sort of bike that will really upset my wife....

Thanks again, you two.
Hey! You spelled my name wrong.Sintesi
Feb 16, 2003 3:14 AM
I agree, I think the Jewish record of accomplishment in this country can largely be attributed to your SoCal- living theory. I have given this some thought. I would also like to offer my Florida-retirement-community corollary as a possible factor. : ) turn to be tiredsn69
Feb 16, 2003 5:38 AM
I had just spent the day laying down a new hard wood floor. Yikes.

SoFla--"God's Waiting Room," I call it.
re: To Alpedhuez55, Sintensi and whomever else....Alpedhuez55
Feb 16, 2003 7:47 PM
Thanks SN. I always enjoy reading your posts. You offer a great view on both the Military and the events in the world. You also articulate them very well.

You are right, it is funny how the Arab world blames a lot of their problems on Israel, much like the Germans did leading up to WW2. I do not agree with a lot of the Israeli retaliatory tactics but if Scuicide bombings were to become a part of every day life in Boston, I do not know if I would think the same.

The Jewish Controlled Media is a crazy idea. Have they seen the coverage? It is mostly anti Bush. JRM's comments were antisemitic and he needed to be called out on it.

Mike Y.
re: To Alpedhuez55, Sintensi and whomever else....Jon Billheimer
Feb 16, 2003 8:32 PM
Most conspiracy theories arise from the depths of human paranoia and, when exposed by the light of human reason and objectivity, are easily shown up for what they are: fragments of our hardwired craziness. Interestingly, the brilliant psycoanalyst and social theorist, Erich Fromm, showed that not only are individuals, but entire societies, capable of acting out a collective psychosis.