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More war talk. How long is it going to take?(1 post)

More war talk. How long is it going to take?Sintesi
Feb 15, 2003 8:49 AM
Let's just assume this is going to happen. I feel Bush has got to get this won decisively in a couple months or he's in real trouble. We're in real trouble. Looking at the opposition I'm seeing shades of Vietnam all over again. Did anyone see that a million people took the streets in Rome today in protest? And Italy is our ally. 1/2 million in London. When was the last time people were so passionate about anything that they could get a million to show up? IF the war rolls on and on this opposition is bound to gain a lot of steam.

Does anyone think this conflict could last a year? It doesn't seem possible but history is repleat with plenty of cocky, over-confident armies being humbled. Zulu's anyone? Ho Chi Minh? The Iraqis beat off a British occupying force with sticks once. Not to mention the other belligerent countries in the world today just looking for a moment of weakness to exploit.

I'm very torn, very ambivalent and see both sides of the argument and thank God I don't have to make this decision, but (there's the but) if we go I'm behind our guys 110%. I think if you commit to something like this with half a heart you are doomed, doomed, doomed. I think the protests are admirable and a righteous exercise of a common man's participation in a free society and should be done. But after the shells start flying is it right to continue the protests? Or should you give all your efforts to a successful and short conclusion of this war?

Some of you guys have been through Vietnam, can you see any parallels in how this war will be prosecuted? Not the reasons per se but rather in the execution of a war over time with strong, visible and vocal political opposition.