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I will support the war on terrorism when we ...(2 posts)

I will support the war on terrorism when we ...Bill B
Feb 15, 2003 5:56 AM
get back to fighting the terrorist. Why do we attack Iraq for possesing WMD's yet do nothing about the Saudi's who preach hatred to us and provide the manpower, remember 14 of the 19 9/11 bastards were Saudi. Osama is Saudi. Why do we assert the right to regime change in the name of our security when we ask the Israeli's to hold back when they are struck almost daily by Arafat who is nothing more than a crimanal. How long would we tolerate a bunch of Mexican bandit's trying to reclaim Texas? When Israel rolls into the left bank, that's when "The War on Terrorism" begins.
Some good points.jesse1
Feb 15, 2003 6:20 AM
The best of which is about the Saudi's. They are not our friends. I think the U.S. government puts up with them and makes excuses for them becuase of something you & I aren't privy to, and it's got to have something to do with oil, but it's more complicated than JUST oil.