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Here's a funny for ya'(1 post)

Here's a funny for ya'rwbadley
Feb 9, 2003 11:09 AM
Two friends are sitting at the bar quaffing a few.

One guy says to the other "Ya know, I really like to go for a beer, but when I go home late it's always the same thing. I cut the car engine before hitting the driveway and coast in. Silently I open the front door, quietly go upstairs and slip into bed. My wife always wakes up and gives me a hard time for being out late drinking."

The other one thinks about this for a moment and responds, "You're going about it all wrong"

"I roar into the drive and slam the car door. I burst through the front door and bounce off the walls a few times going upstairs. Then I tear my clothes off while mumbling the lyrics to 'Tiny Bubbles'. I jump into bed, breathing beer breath all over, slap her @ss and say 'Who's Horny?'"

"And this works?"

"Sure does" he replies. "She's so busy pretending to be asleep, she's never said a word!"