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musicians: what's it worth?(2 posts)

musicians: what's it worth?JS Haiku Shop
Feb 4, 2003 11:15 AM
don't know the model or year, but it's an aluminum-necked kramer bass from the 1980s. the head is something like a tuning fork shape, double pickups, includes case and a pack of new strings. i purchased it years ago on lay-a-way from a pawn shop, covered in dust in the backroom, and brought it back to life. yes, J was a musician once (punk rock, no less!), touring with a band, recording, and wishing i had money.

it's in good condition, no dings/cracks/major cosmetic problems, aside from the finish wearing off a bit on the back--from age. sounds awesome--high highs, crips mids, and growly lows.

ebay has a few (one current and several in completed auctions) going from anywhere between $300 and $600, with and without cases. the case i'm selling with it is a fender, in very good/excellent condition.

so, what's it worth? i don't play anymore, it has no sentimental value to me, and i'm working up some bike upgrade money. i'll post a pic of the actual bass tomorrow or when i get the camera in the same room and remember. the one posted here is almost identical (even the same color & finish), but taken from an ebay auction.


anoter picJS Haiku Shop
Feb 4, 2003 11:19 AM