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Joe Millionaire, pt 5(3 posts)

Joe Millionaire, pt 5mohair_chair
Jan 29, 2003 4:59 PM
From The Smoking Gun, proof that at least one of these women might enjoy humiliation...

"Joe Millionaire" finalist starred in bondage and fetish flicks

One of the trio of "Joe Millionaire" finalists has starred in dozens of kinky bondage and fetish films that feature her being handcuffed, gagged, hog-tied, or bound with duct tape, The Smoking Gun has learned.

While Fox Television has described Sarah Kozer's occupation as "sales and design," the 29-year-old Los Angeles woman has a far more interesting entry on her resume: in the past few years she has starred in bondage films like "Novices in Knots," "Hogtied," and "Helpless Heroines," an well as foot fetish titles like "Dirty Soled Dolls." The 1998 graduate of Virginia's George Mason University is credited in these films as "Cindy Schubert."

Maybe she'll be able to tie the knot. . .js5280
Jan 29, 2003 6:00 PM
Another positive, ball gags :-o are guaranteed to stop troublesome nagging like "Joe, how am I supposed to make my BMW payment when you only make $19k a year?"

I crack myself up :-)

Maybe I should have my own show? Hmmmm. . .
re: Joe Millionaire, pt 5Alpedhuez55
Jan 30, 2003 5:42 AM
I love it. I thought Zora would be the one with a naughty past. Didn't Joe give her a pair of pumps last week? Talk about life imitating art. I am hoping Sarah wins now. THis show is so bad that it is fantastic. This latest twist makes it even better!!!

Mike Y.