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Mickey-mac, a musical download update(5 posts)

Mickey-mac, a musical download updatesn69
Jan 27, 2003 6:39 PM

I thought you might be interested...tonight I'm working the Mojo Nixon files available courtesy of Al Gore's internet. So far, I'm working "Elvis is Everywhere" (mostly because he is), although I'm trying for the better part of the Mojo/Jello Biafra catalog.

In the wayback machine, there was once a radio station in San Diego that featured the Mojo Minute on a daily basis. It was the highlight of an otherwise drab, colorless 24 hours....

Waiting for the new Everclear,
re: Mickey-mac, a musical download updatemickey-mac
Jan 27, 2003 8:50 PM
Was the San Diego station 91X? Mojo was a helluva funny guy. I ran into him at a Pogues show; he was drunk as hell and fun to talk to. I think he actually wrote a song about Shane McGowan's teeth after that show. Elvis is Everywhere was a classic. Mojo was completely irreverent and took a poke at just about everyone and everything. I miss Mojo and his sidekick Skid Roper.
re: Mickey-mac, a musical download updatesn69
Jan 28, 2003 5:40 AM
Nope, actually it was 92.5 The Flash, which died an interesting death in 98 when Clear Channel began to gobble up and destroy American radio. The Flash went out like a supernova, shining its brightest right before its untimely end. They didn't play pop alt, rather, they played real, honest indie. ...And Mojo made daily appearances, occassionally with Skid. In the years leading up to that, he'd also occassionally be on with Country Dick Montana from The Beatfarmers.
Oh, manmickey-mac
Jan 28, 2003 6:01 AM
I had forgotten all about Country Dick and the Beat Farmers. Somebody should have given Mojo Nixon and Country Dick Montana a TV show. I never got to listen to the Flash; as far as I know its signal didn't make it far enough north. Do you know what percentage of radio stations in large markets Clear Channel owns now?
Oh, mansn69
Jan 28, 2003 6:24 AM
I've got The BF's live album from '91. The recording quality stinks, but it's a great album nonetheless--one of my wife's favorites. Oddly, I found it at a Tower Record store in SD; normally I would have assumed one would have to special order such an arcane CD. When I spotted it in the rack, I recognized it as a sign from Country Dick from beyond the grave, so I bought it.... Lately I've been hunting for old Rugburns, but since I live in New Orleans, they're hard to find. Our local alt/indie fav is Cowboy Mouth.

A TV show...hmm. How about Mojo for prez, Country Dick for veep and Henry Rollins for sec. of state?! That would be fun and the rest of humanity would tremble with a mixture of fear and laughter.

CC has got to own most of mainstream radio now. I think they own all but the university station in NOLA...and it shows. Local radio sucks here. 91X was getting pretty bad before I left SD too, but they've got some new indie stations now.