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When did the RBR message boards start? How did you get here?(15 posts)

When did the RBR message boards start? How did you get here?128
Jan 22, 2003 7:57 AM
Just curious. That thread re the 'early days' got me to thinking.

I tripped across this site maye 2 years ago, but have no idea how long it's been around.

I don't recall exactly how I found my way here but it may have been through the Sheldon Brown site or just random Google searching for bike info.

This is a great message board (design and content) and the posters are even greater. But sometimes I wonder: are these all like, seven really bored schitzo roadies working on a screen play??

All hail the aether, zeros and ones....
I think Spring of 2000Alpedhuez55
Jan 22, 2003 9:25 AM
I remember when they spun the site off of MTBR. I used to post on the Roadie message board there. I think it was about 3 years ago. I remember winning a copy of Lance Armstrongs Book after predicting Mario Pantani would win a stage in the 2000 tour. I think they spun the site off shortly before then. Maybe in April or May of 2000.

Gregg does a great job on the site but was about a year late in openning the cyclocross board ;) I do not like getting the same casino & insurance pop ups, but endure them since the info on the site is great. I also have used the paid classifieds too.

Mike Y.
I think earlier,TJeanloz
Jan 22, 2003 9:40 AM
I would have said as early as 1998, maybe early 1999, but I'm almost 100% certain it predates Armstrong's first TdF win.
spring 1999DougSloan
Jan 22, 2003 9:47 AM
Yes, you are right; I do recall discussing the progress of his first win.

It started around March 1999 as a spin off of the MTBReview roadie board. It has undergone 3 software iterations, so we lost the database of earlier posts when they changed. At first, the board was run by Linda (can't recall her last name right now) before Gregg. Tjeanloz and Humma Hah were among the initial participants; there are others, but I can't recall who as was here from the beginning right now. I initially posted as "FresnoDoug" or something similar.

I have wasted more time here over almost 4 years than I would ever care to really know or admit, but it's been very gratifying, too.

Spoken like somebody who bills by the hour (nm)TJeanloz
Jan 22, 2003 9:53 AM
I'm surprised that you lawyers can't give an hourly breakdown of how much time you spend here.
Late 1999 I think.Jon Billheimer
Jan 22, 2003 10:34 AM
I discovered the consumer review section looking for opinions on CF frames and Reynolds forks.

This is by far the best cycling discussion board on the net, with for the most part well-informed, interesting posters. I've met some terrific people here.
Thanks for the history. Excellent board. Speaking of MTBReview128
Jan 22, 2003 11:06 AM
I've always thought a 'mass troll' there could be amusing. Like "Dude, what's more knarly, knobblies or knobbies? (or silent k?)" Then slowly the place fills up with a bunch of 'lurkers' flaming on about nonsense: British rubber and 'soil tension' v. American tires single track'hard pack' etc.... Maybe GreenUGene would come out storage as a consultant, or some other pro-trolls could act as scouts to go in and set the bait. Maybe throw some totally stoked politics at them. Well, just a thought...Too Oedipal?? Been done?
I am finally right about something ;)Alpedhuez55
Jan 22, 2003 11:04 AM
Here is a link to the press release launching the site: Announces Two New Web Communities For Cycling and Boating Enthusiasts and Offer Unbiased Product Reviews, How-to Information, Classifieds and More

SANTA CLARA, CA April 18, 2000-, the leading, trusted source for consumer product information on the Web, today announced the launch of two new vertical Web sites, and The biking and boating industries are $5.6 and $23 billion markets, yet very few online resources exist in these areas. These sites were created to fill that niche and provide passionate boaters and cyclists with communities to interact and research the products that interest them. With the addition of and, more than 20,000 new products are available for review by consumers on


I think I was finally right about something ;-) I had just thought I remembered the site launching about the same time I had started a new job. I used to post on the old Roadies Rejoice board once in a while on I think I had a screen name of Troutbum8X then. This site did grow pretty quickly though.

Mike Y.
Jan 22, 2003 11:40 AM
I could have sworn it was 1999. I bet if I tracked my timesheets back a few years I could tell you from that.:-)

I still don't think that's right, though. It must have been 1999. That's pretty convincing evidence otherwise, though.

Darn, no more!js5280
Jan 22, 2003 1:26 PM
I have questions like;

"What's the best boat for under $25,000,000?"

"I've never sailed before but if I buy a International America's Cup Class yacht, will I look like a poser?"

"Are the L Series 3DL sails worth the extra money over the M Series?"

"Alinghi grinder under suspicion for steroid use. . ."

and for the Non-Yachting discussion board:

"What is the best tax haven, the Caymans or the Bahamas?"

"When is Bentley going to make an SUV?"

Not to mention the 3 or 4 yachts I have sitting down at the marina my girlfriend keeps bugging me to sell. . .
I got here by osmosis..jrm
Jan 22, 2003 11:57 AM
Nay, i migrated from the roadies rejoice board on Great info here..
'Roadies Rejoice' Wow. Sounds so...old timey revivalist128
Jan 22, 2003 12:14 PM
No wonder the MTB crowd thought roadies were flakey! We rejoice, they scream down mountains....
'Roadies Rejoice' Wow. Sounds so...old timey revivalistAlpedhuez55
Jan 22, 2003 12:33 PM
I think a few times a week there used to be a "Rodies Suck" "Skinny Tires are Lame" or "Roadies are Stoopid(sic)" post. THose were the days!!! You felt like an Honors Student at a "Special" School sometimes ;)

THough some of the funniest things I have ever read were the letters to BIKE Magazine (The MTBiking Mag) when Bicycle Guide (Road Cycling) went out of circulation. The publisher automatically sent the subscribers BIKE. THey published some of the letters from disgruntled Roadies wanting their money back. Some of them were pretty funny!!! BIKE is actually the classiest of the mountain bike magazines. It has informative articles and great photgraphy. The Bicycle Guide Readers acted as if they were sent MAD or something.

Mike Y.
'Revenge of the Roadies! ' nm128
Jan 22, 2003 12:38 PM
re: When did the RBR message boards start? How did you get here?Woof the dog
Jan 22, 2003 11:40 PM
i was on one day. And then there was a post "Roadbikereview" the message read "its up!"

Ever since that fateful moment I've been around here. The first year and a half, Doug Sloan was the man. He had the answers for everything. But now I realize that maybe b/c i learned a lot, he seems to have less and less answers ... and more questions :-O

Woof, the biking cat