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Joe Millionaire - part II(10 posts)

Joe Millionaire - part IIFunston
Jan 14, 2003 12:05 PM
This is for those who don't know and would never watch the show, but are reading this anyway.... the group of twenty girls, reduced to 12 at the end of the first show, was further hacked down last night to a count of five ladies.

Last night, much of the show was devoted to the guy taking the girls out on a "date" in three different groups of four (three different dates). Each of the dates however had the girls doing some kind of outdoorsy kind of task such as picking grapes in a vineyard in the rain; shoveling coal into the smoky, hot oven of a steam locomotive; or shoveling horsesh!t in a stable.

Apparently all was done to allow the guy to see how well the girls handled themselves in crappy situations with little preparation.

The poor guy seems to be looking for a girl who will love and want him for reasons that have nothing to do with money. What a dreamer, if I was him, I'd forget about trying to find love and instead have as much fun with the ladies as I could muster. But he's got the notion that he can find somebody true, on a show that's based on a lie, and so he's going to be the most hurt of all if he lets himself fall in love with any of the babes left. Poor sap.

So what he did last night was to eliminate girls who he thought were not compatible, or in it for the money. One of the latter was Heidi, who was discovered to have a boyfriend waiting at home. That discovery pissed the other girls off because it made her look "dishonest".

My prediction is that he'll end up falling for the dark-haired lady (Melissa?) with the Princess Leia hair - he'll tell her the truth and she'll leave him holding the (empty) bag..............

-stay tuned
Joe 20Kmohair_chair
Jan 14, 2003 12:23 PM
The obvious sequel for next season is to have just jilted Joe do the whole thing over again with 20 new girls, only now they know he only makes 20K a year and has a net worth of at best, $5,000.

Even better, turn the tables and make the girls trust fund debutantes. Just to keep it interesting, every day they have to run a real boot camp-style obstacle course, with the last person eliminated.

I would watch that one!
this show can't be repeatedFunston
Jan 14, 2003 2:08 PM
the concept of a poor man masquerading as a rich man won't be easy to repeat. This show is and will be unique - which is a big reason for its fascination.
I Second MelissaAlpedhuez55
Jan 14, 2003 12:29 PM
I think she has the most down to earth personality, though she was whining a bit in the vinyards last night. I think she will not marry him right away, but will be willing to give things a shot.

I think the show is probably pretty highy supervised and they do not let him have too much fun. It is not all the women dressing half naked and throwing themselves at him. I am sure if some of the woman had the chance they would. Then again, things may heat up more next week.

Mike Y.
You said it. He lacks what is required for marraigeKristin
Jan 14, 2003 12:44 PM
plus even a mediocre construction worker makes more $ColnagoFE
Jan 14, 2003 1:32 PM
I mean $19k! You could make more as a manager of McDonalds. Don't most construction workers make way more than this? Only thing I can think is he is part time or lazy. Someone said he had a rich family which would explain a lot. Might be an interesting twist at the end huh? He makes next to nothing...but doesn't need to make $! He is already loaded from his inheritance.
oh come onFunston
Jan 14, 2003 2:28 PM
if you mean he can't be trusted because he was recruited by and agreed with the show's producers to portray himself as rich when he is poor.... give him some credit for attempting to find some truth among the girls, he could have taken advantage of the gag like some of us guys would have done in his possition... hmmm, the show's not over yet...
re: They should have um..jrm
Jan 14, 2003 2:14 PM
Order at Jack in the Box drivethru, Teach how to find the right trailer park, Dig a hole in the ground for tornado season or level a doublewide trailer on a new plot.

Entertainment at the expense of public humiliating someone..AS Paul Weller said Thats Entertainment.
nothing new ....Funston
Jan 14, 2003 2:33 PM
i Entertainment at the expense of public humiliating someone..AS Paul Weller said Thats Entertainment.

Or as Alan Funt said thats Candid Camera...
Or as Monty Hall Said..jrm
Jan 15, 2003 4:02 PM
The box for whats behind the curtain.....