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Beside being a terrorist sympathizer is Lebron James a moron(4 posts)

Beside being a terrorist sympathizer is Lebron James a moronchopper
Jan 13, 2003 3:07 PM
I mean what do you expect when you're in High School and all of a sudden your driving a Hummer with a base price of $50,000? I'm sure his Mom did borrow the money and gave the bank an IOU for when her son gets his signing bonus so he can pay the thing off, but if he's found to be in violation of rules the school will have to forfeit all of its wins and that sucks for the other kids. This is just a stupid thing for his Mom to do.

This is why I hate basketball and why they lost me when the main attractions became egotistical a$$holes like Shaq, Rasheed Wallace and Allen Iverson. Bring back the likes of Jamal Wilkes.

Hard to figure a 16-year-old poor kid taking the short view...cory
Jan 14, 2003 8:39 AM
For what it's worth, I agree about pro basketball--I love the game, but that's too much of an ego-driven freak show for me.
As for LeBron, though...he's, what, 17? And he's not from a family of well-to-do graduate-degree holders, I'm guessing (I don't know much about his background). If you haven't had anything all your life, and never dealt with money in large amounts, it's pretty tempting to grab it when you see it. Far as I've heard, he's never done anything but play basketball with the promise of wealth at some point. Maybe they figured now was the time.
Isnt he just exercising his rights as an americanFunston
Jan 14, 2003 11:34 AM
I wonder if the "loan" is secured by an insurance policy in case he rolls the Hummer and either kills or paralyzes himself before he signs his NBA contract...

Professional american basketball is american culture at its worst. A religious person could say it proves values of hell are live and well in the good ol' USA. It lures poor, overwhelmed boys into a world of big money and empty values. It's all about one-on-one flash and dash and the big slam dunk, and less about strategy, passing and working together as a team.

I was happy to see last summer's world championship team, made up of NBA stars, end up getting their butts kicked by a succession of European teams with predominantly white rosters. Besides exposing the smug belief that white men are inferior basketball players as the myth that it really is, it was gratifying to see teamwork and strategy win out over the selfish and spoiled ethic that NBA players have come to represent.
No interest in the pro gameTypeOne
Jan 17, 2003 2:04 PM
Yeah, I'm tired of watching teenaged punks in the NBA with their attitudes. They all get there without any fundamentals, all they can do is dunk on the court and get in trouble off of it with their millions.
The movie "Hoop Dreams" was interesting. Kids grow up with expectations, they are taken advantage of while they take advantage of the system, and the ones who don't make it to the NBA are the losers. I was still kind of sympathetic.
The NBA strike and an SI article a year or so ago that described the Portland Jailblazers convinced me to forget about these jerks.