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okay, 'nuf politics - now for the real issues: Kristin whatever happened with your toilet?(7 posts)

okay, 'nuf politics - now for the real issues: Kristin whatever happened with your toilet?lonefrontranger
Jan 3, 2003 3:04 PM
I mean, that was seriously my vote for the funniest and most informative thread of 2002. Plus it was a historic first - czardonic and Moneyman actually AGREEING on something? LOL!

But seriously, I'm really intrigued. Did your travails with the throne ever resolve themselves? And who ultimately won the Paypal prize?

Enquiring minds want to know.
Its a two man job. Are you free tomorrow?Kristin
Jan 3, 2003 3:54 PM
My help cancelled on me on last weekend, so we're going to try again for this weekend. I need to get it done soon, things have gone from bad to worse. Now it barely flushes at all. No one else in the building (who I polled) is having trouble. So my best guess is that when the put the toilet back on the orginal wax gasket, it slipped and is obsuring the water flow. And I haven't forgoten Cory at all. Who I've selected to get the award.
Jan 3, 2003 4:14 PM
First of all, you will have to replace the gasket. Don't try to "fix" it. Gaskets are cheap.

Second, when you pull off the toilet to deal with the gasket, snake the lines. In other words, run a "snake" (you can get it at any hardware store or Home Depot) down into the sewer to see if anything is jammed in there. Do the same for the output of the toilet. That way, if the toilet still doesn't work, at least you can eliminate clogged lines as the cause. Who knows, maybe you'll find some treasure!
Its a two man job. Are you free tomorrow?LLSmith
Jan 4, 2003 3:55 AM
Get a good quality snake before you remove the toilet again. If the wax ring was off center your floor(or your nieghbors below) would be wet. Water has to go somewhere.Something is hung up in your drain line.Sometimes there is a rough edge on a section of cut pipe.Thats all it takes to start a blockage.If your seal is not good you will have water showing up somewhere.You might consider calling a rooter service.
Old fashioned clog??Kristin
Jan 6, 2003 10:49 AM
I have an ettiquette tip for those of you who entertain. Listen carefully, because I doubt Miss Manners will ever include this in her list. When cleaning for a party, make sure to leave the bathroom garbage can half full. You may empty it if you like, but then fill it again with some wrappers or tissues or something that will create a safe hiding place. An empty waiste can may tempt a female guest to dispose of...erm...certain evidences.

Well, plans to pull the thing out are rescheduled again until next weekend. I had put off plunging or snaking the thing b/c I only own 725 square feet of real estate, and I really didn't want a nasty plunger hanging around. Well, I finally broke down and bought one. (Two actually. Don't bother with those new fangled plastic ones, they're crap.) So I plunged, and that temporarily fixed it. This answers one question. I have got a clog. But it created a couple more. What the hell is down there? And do I really want to know? I realize that from time to time others utilize my commode. And who knows what that stupid contractor may have dropped down there. Perhaps I'll find the rest of the quarter round that they broke when the did the tub repair--or a hammer or something.

Cory wins because he told me about the need to replace the wax seal. Had no one mentioned this, I would have been clueless that the contractor skipped that very important step. you have paypal? You can email me your paypal address @ and I'll see that you get payment.
I have some additional adviceManicmtbr
Jan 6, 2003 1:46 PM
This job is much easier and can be done with only one person if you remove the tank from the bottom and then remove the bottom, replace the seal, and replace the tank. It is so much easier this way. I found this out when I replaced a toilet a few years ago. I had removed/replaced the whole unit a few times to put down floors. When I got the new one, the instructions said to put the bottom in first and then bolt the tank on. I could not believe how much easier it was to do it that way. Spend the $2.50 to get the double sized wax seal.

I had problems with my toilet not flushing. I took it off to try and flush it out (snake did not work). My wife dropped the toilet and it broke. We bought a new one out of necessity and the problem went away. This was after weeks of plunging and snaking. You know, I was too busy riding and had zero time for house maintenance until it was absolutely nesesary.

Will anyone on my team see this post? Hope not! Good Luck!
If someone does see it, lets just hope they don't flush you out. harharhar. Sorry. nmKristin
Jan 6, 2003 2:12 PM