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Any skiers here? Your recommendations are appreciated.(4 posts)

Any skiers here? Your recommendations are appreciated.No_sprint
Jan 3, 2003 1:55 PM
I've been skiing since I was 6. I get in between 10 and 20 ski days per winter. I've skied K2s, Atomics, Rossis, Elans and a few others. I'm looking at getting yet another pair of boards. The majority of my skiing is on groomed, packed powder, fast runs. Example, St. Anton at Mammoth. I don't like bumps much at all and rarely get off piste. I do occasional trips to the likes of Utah and get in serious powder, for which I rent a powder ski. I'm looking at recommendations for a good stable type GS type ski for an advanced skier that is at the same time, quite versatile. I am considering the likes of Bandit XX, K2 Escape 5500, Dynastar SC9. There is also a closeout on a Blizzard Thermal 2002 ski that I am considering. I have zero experience with Dynastar and Blizzard. Any comments generally and especially specific to the models I mention would be appreciated.
re: Any skiers here? Your recommendations are appreciated.Jon Billheimer
Jan 3, 2003 2:35 PM
I'm a ski instructor and ski on Atomic 926es, which is basically a detuned, recreational GS ski. The Bandit XX is a great ski, but is not a GS ski. It's an all mountain ski which not only carves well, but handles crud and powder well, too. While you're demoing Rossis take a ride on the new Rossignol Pulsion ski; it's exceptional. Also Vipers, which absolutely slingshot you from one turn to the other, although they're about a 16 metre turn radius. Some other skis you might try are the Atomic 916s and 1020s. They've got awesome edge hold, are quick from edge to edge and are a little turnier, and more fun than a straight-on GS ski. The bottom line here is to demo a number of skis and then go with one that feels right to you and makes you think you're a way better skier than you actually are!! Don't get too caught up in the specs and marketing hype. Ski the ski that feels good to you on the runs you do most often.
re: Any skiers here? Your recommendations are appreciated.No_sprint
Jan 7, 2003 11:45 AM
Thanks Jon. I think I've been most happy with my Rossis and Atomics. I've decided to stick with them. I'll demo both this year and do my best to hold off on my purchase til the end of seasons sales. I like the sound of your 926es.
Where's the fun in that?!Matno
Jan 11, 2003 4:33 PM
Don't like bumps? Man, I can't even imagine that. I guess my recommendations wouldn't be of much value since that's primarily what I buy skis for, but for what it's worth, K2 and Salomon have been very good to me. Still love my K2 classic "Fours" for all-mountain skiing.