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stopping Spam!(7 posts)

stopping Spam!gregario
Dec 26, 2002 10:28 AM
I know that some on this forum have recommended NOT using the unsubscribe link to tell spammers to stop, that it just lets them know they found an active e-mail account. However, since I have stopped doing this, I seem to be getting more junk than ever. So what's the real story? Are these unsubscribe links really legit? (and yes, sometimes when I use them they don't work)

Green eggs and spamKristin
Dec 26, 2002 11:43 AM
I love spam.
I'm Spammerman.
Won't you read my email spam?

I will not read your email spam.
Please don't disturb me, Spammerman.

Will you read it in the street?
Don't you think this stock is neat?
Don't you want some kiddie porn
And if you don't, just hit delete?

I will not read it in the street.
You're nuts to think I'll just delete.
Your kiddie porn is sad and sick
I'd like to beat you with a stick!
Your stock is just a sleazy scam
I do not LIKE you, Spammerman.

Will you read it on the beach?
Will you help support Free Speach?
You're in the wrong if you complain.
Murkowski says so, clear and plain.

I will not read it on the beach.
And by the way, it's spelled Free Speech
My email's packed with worthless stuff
And still you think there's not enough!
Just go to hell, that's what to do,
And take that hack Murkowski too!
I'll never read your email spam.
It's wrong and evil, Spammerman!

Will you buy my book that's next
About the secrets of male sex?
Or buy a set of plans from me
To steal your cable shows for free?

I will not buy that book from you
For I've no need.. perhaps YOU do!
I will not steal my cable shows.
Perhaps I could, but you should know
That I am HONEST, Spammerman.
That's something you can't understand.

Will you please Make Money Fast?
Just send your money to the last
Address upon this list of four.
And what are you all hostile for?
I've this Remove List that I share.
It's worse than useless, but it's there!

I won't fall for Make Money Fast
So you can ram it up your ass,
And please don't think my wits are failing
At this twelve thousandth "one time mailing,"
That I'd get on a "remove list"
That makes spam grow and not desist.
But give your real address to me
And we shall see what we shall see.

Oh goody! Send your unmarked bills
My bedroom's in Suburban Hills
But if there's noise you'll start a fight.
My mom works on the streets at night
And Dad is sleeping off his wine.
So tell the postman "Choose your time,
And leave the cash in silent stealth."
Oh good! I've finally made some wealth!

Hey, Spammerman! I've found your place.
It's good to see your zit-pocked face
I'd like to tell you that I still
Don't read your spam and never will.
I will not read, I will not buy,
I think that those who spam should die!
So NEVER spam me any more.
The end. That's what I came here for.
Oh, who are all these other friends?
Well, just to help you make amends
For all the spamming that you've done,
I've brought your ISP, for one,
To cancel your account for you
And maybe break your kneecaps, too!
And here are Agents One and Two
Of FBI, to talk to you
About the kiddie porno laws
And when they're done, without a pause
The Post Inspection Service here
Would like to make it plainly clear
"Make Money Fast" is not legit
No matter what you claim for it.
And since it's chilly where you are
Ten thousand Netizens brought tar
And warming feathers, and a rail
To give you a free ride to jail.
So have a happy, spammy day!
And with these words, he walked away.
And what if I don't want a p*#@s of any size?!?!Kristin
Dec 26, 2002 11:49 AM
Here's a FAQ from

Can I really enlarge my penis with herbal Viagra steroid cream?
No. Do not try to enlarge your penis without the help of a certified medical professional.

won't it stop?
Studies show that the majority of spammers come from families with a long history of mail abuse. Some have great grandfathers that distributed pamphlets by horseback in the times of the Pony Express. Spamming behavior is learnt at an early age, so breaking the cycle can be almost impossible.
Okay, my last post regarding spamKristin
Dec 26, 2002 11:51 AM
Wait, just one more: If your a spammer, you can get helpKristin
Dec 26, 2002 11:57 AM
Something makes me think you've been waiting for this threadSkidoo
Dec 26, 2002 12:31 PM
Quite a barrage of spam-tastic humor.
But more seriously, I have MSN e-mail and it provides the option to 'Block' messages from frequent spammers. Does this have the same disasterous effect as typing 'unsubscribe' in the subject line?
Does not seem to ever stop.Matt Britter
Dec 27, 2002 4:13 PM
This is why most people have at least two email address. Anything on the web that requires my email address automaticly gets the hotmail or yahoo email. No one but work people get my real email. Just life on the internet.