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Muhammad TV show Wed. on PBS(6 posts)

Muhammad TV show Wed. on PBSCaptain Morgan
Dec 17, 2002 6:31 AM
Thought this might be of interest to many of us. It is on PBS here (I assume nationwide?) at 9 PM:

Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet
120 min.

American Muslims describe how they live their lives of faith in this moving documentary, which also chronicles the life of the final prophet.

Muhammad (570-632) brought a moral, ethical and social message to his people: that we must treat each other well, says biographer Karen Armstrong. Some 1400 years later, New York City fire marshal Kevin James feels a personal commitment to Muhammad. James, like program co-producers Michael Wolfe and Alexander Kronemer, is a convert to Islam. Allie and Najah Bazzy of Dearborn, Mich., are Arab-Americans. Says Allie, a marketing consultant: We're trying to give our kids the best of both worlds. Andre Braugher narrates. (VCR Plus+ 76055)

Rating: TV-PG
Category: Documentary
Director: Michael Schwarz
Release Year: 2002
sounds interesting; also, compare Jesus with Muhammed?DougSloan
Dec 17, 2002 10:56 AM
Can anyone compare and contrast the teachings, life, and beliefs of Jesus and Muhammed? Was Muhammed first a Christian? I'm serious, as I'm fairly clueless about who he was and what he stood for; comparing him to Jesus would be enlightening. Thanks.

I canSteveS
Dec 17, 2002 11:16 AM
I think I can do a comparison of the Jesus and Muhammad having just finished part of the Koran and working on the first half. To answer one question short and succintly, Muhammad was not a Christian, first or ever. When He received his revelation, he was, as were virtually all the other Arabs around him, a pagan.

When I get back from an errand, I will try to answer your other questions fairly.
Dec 17, 2002 1:23 PM
I am back and too full of seafood to think clearly, so I will try to just give basic information as unbiased as I can and then if there are any follow-ups, elaborate as needed.

Jesus-born in monotheistic Judah/Palestine sometime before the year 1 A.D. Miracles surrounding the birth are reported in the New Testament. (only)
Muhammad-born in pagan/polytheistic Arabia sometime around 600 after Jesus. No miracles are described that I have read.

Jesus-grew up a carpenter's son with only one account of his childhood and that was where He went to the Temple and impressed some observors. Nothing of His middle life until fairly late in life when in His 30s, He begins religious teaching.

Muhammad-sorry, I don't know His early life but He grew up and married an older, wealthy widow and supported by her, he went into business as a merchant. Nothing special said until He has His revelation in His early 40s.

Jesus focused on the Kingdom of God and seemed to believe that it was coming soon;probably both a spiritual and temporal kingdom. He challenged literal orthodox interpretations of the religious leaders and claimed the right to forgive sins. It seems like He only acknowledged publicly the belief that He was the promised Messiah only once or twice. He referred to God as "Father" or "Our Father." Taught that love for fellow man was pre-eminent.

Muhammad came be believe that He was receiving revelations from the angel Gabriel and that His primary mission was to convert the pagan Arabs and also resident Jews and Christians, all to "submission" to God/Allah, hence the word "Islam." There was a fair amount of conflict between Muhammad and His followers and the pagans, sometimes with Jewish allies. Lots of battles. He believed he was the final prophet in the line of Abraham. (there is a lot more that could be added here but I will cut it off for now)

Where things get tricky is in the relationship that Muhammad felt he had to previous prophets, especially Jesus. Muhammad taught that "God was One", which is a fairly explicit reject of the concept of the Trinity. Also, Muhammad said that Jesus was only an "Apostle" of God and not a "begotten Son." And Muhammad denied that Jesus was actually crucified on the cross. Muhammad said that He was the last of the prophets from God.

The above does not really do justice to either individual but gives a beginning and if there are specific questions, I will try to answer them.
Doug, Read Karen Armstrong's "A History of God".....eyebob
Dec 17, 2002 3:31 PM
or her book "Muhammad" for the definitive version of what Jews, Christians, and Muslims have in common.

Oh, and search this Board. During your "hiatus" you missed some good discussion about this very topic.

thanks; sounds interesting nmDougSloan
Dec 18, 2002 7:01 AM