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prescription swim goggles or mask(5 posts)

prescription swim goggles or maskbigskulls
Dec 3, 2002 12:28 PM
I know its not exactly summer out, but I wondered if anyone on this board had a good way of dealing with the problem of glasses and swimming. I just want something that I can take with me in the water so I can actually see, instead of being the blind bat that I am without glasses/contacts. I've tried wearing contacts under goggles, but I get so much water under my goggles that I'm afraid the lenses will get washed away. Anyone have a good solution?
How often do you swim?eyebob
Dec 3, 2002 1:23 PM
If it's feasible (your RX comes in them) get some daily disposables because you can wear and toss them and if you don't swim a lot it's not cost prohibitive. (Ciba makes a good product and I think that they still offer a month's trial free) There are some good manufacturers of goggles (though none of their names come to mind) that make reasonable Rx swim goggles too.

As you know, the advantage to the contacts is that you can see when you leave the pool. You'd have to keep the goggles on to get back to the dressing room (or juice bar) otherwise.

AdidasEager Beagle
Dec 4, 2002 3:52 AM
a pal of mine has some Adidas goggles with small clip-in lenses for correction. They also clip in his cycle glasses. He rates them for triathlons. Try a search with that in mind.
AlsoEager Beagle
Dec 4, 2002 3:55 AM
see here:-

Not the expensive either.
My walleyed swimming buddies just wore their contacts.Alex-in-Evanston
Dec 4, 2002 11:49 AM
You shouldn't be getting enough water in your goggles to wash your contacts out. If you have goggle problems, I recommend trying Hind competition. My whole team wore them and they are fabulous.