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Would this stop muslim zealots killing people? Long Post(5 posts)

Would this stop muslim zealots killing people? Long Postdaz I
Dec 2, 2002 6:35 AM
Most repsonses to attacks by muslims are full of PC speak especially in countries with a significant muslim population.
Some people still like calling a spade a digging instrument though!


Tonye David-West, Jr., Ph.D Wednesday, November 27, 2002

This letter is specifically for you, NORTHERN NIGERIAN MOSLEMS and those
who partook in this show of shame in protest of the Miss World pageant,
bringing disgrace and opprobrium to all of us. I'm ashamed of you, I'm
ashamed of your barbaric actions. It's evident that some of you need to
attend anger management classes. What do I mean by this? To answer this
question, it is crucial we evaluate the methods which some of you,
northern Nigerian Muslims, choose from time to time to address affronts on
your religion, real or imagined. It seems from past events that violence
is the preferred method. Am I wrong? The violent events in the last few
days in Kaduna and Abuja serve as a reminder of this grim fact.
In light of the irresponsibility of ThisDay Newspaper and distasteful
publication, one would have expected, you, northern Nigerian Muslims, to
protest in a manner most would consider congruent with civility, such as
orchestrating a civil boycott of the newspaper until it offers a sincere
and acceptable apology. Or educating the faithful to write letters of
protest to the management, the federal government or the Nigerian Union of
Journalist. There are many acceptable avenues you could have addressed
this malfeasance besides taking the laws into your hands. This seems to be
the trend, which in most cases, have caused you heavy losses.
Tell me, how does killing and maiming innocent people take you to heaven?
How does destruction of churches, God's own house of worship, put you in
good stead with Allah? How does that work? Are you doing all this because
of the seventy-two virgins who are supposingly waiting for you when you
get there? Do you get any rewards for killing and destruction? Are you not
concerned with your image? In Kaduna 2000, in Jos 2002, in Kano 2001,
remember the Osama riots? In Zaria, in Kafancha, in Maiduguri.
In this Miss World riots which has yet again brought out the worst in you,
I fail to see the connection between the journalistic error of ThisDay and
the destruction of churches and killing of Christians. Could you be so
kind to clue me in on the connection? This is puzzling to say the least,
as ThisDay is not a religious organisation neither is it representing any
Christian organisations. The newspaper is a secular one which is dedicated
to the dissemination of secular news. How did the violence progress from
destruction of the newspaper's offices in Kaduna and Bauchi to making the
Christians and their places of worship as co-enemies? This question has to
be answered.
Many of you contribute to the perception of Muslims as being violent with
such rush to wanton destruction of lives and properties at the slightest
tension. Can you blame anyone for seeing you as such? What are you going
to do about this? Is this what you want the world to think of you and your
religion which you so love and are willing to die for? Think about this
question real hard the next time you pick up that dagger to terminate the
life of a fellow human being because he does not look like you or profess
the same religion. Seemingly, many of you have not shown the tolerance
which Christians or should I say, southerners, those who share fifty
percent of the country with you have shown you.
In Port-Harcourt, for example, a Christian enclave from all accounts, many
streets [Victoria, Bende, Niger, streets, etc] are closed for hours during
Friday prayers, bringing traffic to a halt in an already congested city
during Friday prayers. The good people of Port-Harco
Postus Interruptus. Just give us the link, please. (nm)eyebob
Dec 2, 2002 6:53 AM
zealots pt 2daz I
Dec 2, 2002 12:41 PM
Sorry for break. No www link.

In Port-Harcourt, for example, a Christian enclave from all accounts, many
streets [Victoria, Bende, Niger, streets, etc] are closed for hours during
Friday prayers, bringing traffic to a halt in an already congested city
during Friday prayers. The good people of Port-Harcourt are giving you in
Port-Harcourt this privilege to block public streets so that you can pray.
Mind you, most of you do not have jobs in Port-Harcourt besides selling
"suya" and pushing trucks and as such do not pay taxes. But yet, the
public streets which are sustained by tax payers are closed for you for
hours on Fridays. This has been happening for more than twenty years. And
this is a state where there is less than 1 percent Muslim population. So
tell me, could this happen in Kano? Could this happen in Kaduna? Could
this happen in Sokoto? Could this happen in Zamfara? Do most of you know
what it means to be tolerant of others? Does the word accommodation mean
anything to you? Aren't you tired of killing, killing and killing?
You say that you want one Nigeria. Are you serious? Are you really
serious? Let's be frank now. The time for shenanigan has gone. You have
Shariah law in twelve states and the rest of the country has common law.
Is this your one Nigeria? Is this your idea of tolerance? Is this how you
are accommodating other? If you want your way of life, why don't you leave
the rest of the civilised world alone? Why don't you do us all a favour
and declare your Islamic Republic where you can stone women all you want
and cut limbs? Why are you still holding tight to Nigeria? What are you
afraid of? That you will starve to death if you declare that republic?
That none of you is qualified to lead your universities? That you do not
have the know-how to run your industries? Why don't you call on Saudi
Arabia to send in their experts? Maybe Afghanistan can help? Maybe Iran
can send a few bearded mullahs to teach you how to cut limbs and stone
I'm not interested anymore. You can go away for all I care. It has been a
mistake from the very beginning. Your days of parasiting are over. It's
better we go our separate ways. Don't you think so? What do you think?
Your behaviour is repugnant, shameful and atrocious. Don't forget that you
have no more right to that country you think it's an Islamic country than
anyone else. Most of you have learned nothing from elder statesman Mallam
Aminu Kano of blessed memory. Most of you know nothing about finesse, tact
and diplomacy. All you know is to kill destroy and kill again. What is it
with you and killing? Is that your calling? To have blood on your hands
with every tension? Your stock never runs dry of gasoline and matches to
light the fire. Do you work around the streets with those items? It seems
each time there is little tension, you are quick to burn and destroy.
There is a saying which goes thus: 'because I am ignoring you does not
mean that I am deaf' It will be a grave error to assume that the
Christians in the country are weak because they choose to be civil by not
burning down your mosques and killing Muslims at every provocation, of
which, there have been many, to say the least. Christians often times have
been on the receiving end of your wrath often for something that could
have been discussed and redressed in a very peaceful manner. Every
inconsequential provocation seemingly results in violence. A Christian
truck driver inadvertently runs over a Quran in Kano, he was killed
instantly. Christian nurses continue to be persecuted in Bauchi at a
federal, not state, but federal health facility by Muslims.
zealots pt3daz I
Dec 2, 2002 12:52 PM
If, you, the northern Nigerian Muslims, want to disabuse others of the
perception they have of you of thriving in violence, you will have to
begin by addressing your own reactions to events. You tell us that Islam
is a great and peaceful religion, if so, you must uphold these attributes
with your actions, words and deeds. If not, those who watch you would be
led to believe otherwise. Are you insecure? Why do you feel the need to
fight each day for your religion? Why don't you let your religion speak
for itself? How many times have you heard or seen the Christians
destroying your Mosques and killing Moslems in the south? How many times?
Do you not think we too can slaughter you like animals?
We were told that rioting broke out in Abuja immediately after Friday
prayers. What do your Imams tell you at those prayers? Aren't prayers
supposed to bring you closer to Allah? Aren't the Imams supposed to preach
peace and tolerance? What do they tell their worshipers? What are their
responsibilities to their congregations? Respect is reciprocal, tolerance
is a dual street and if it is not returned we would continue to have riots
such as this and retaliatory ones such as the one we saw in Aba two years
ago which took many Muslims lives. You don't have a monopoly on violence.
We will march you as long as you wallow in your murderous endeavours. You
have not learnt anything from the Aba retaliatory riots, have you?
Let me remind you that Nigeria is a secular nation, so says its
constitution. It does not have a state religion neither does it subscribe
to any. It is a country which currently has a Christian as president and
senate president and depending on whom you ask, it has a majority
Christian population or a majority Muslim population, that is, if you are
counting the cows and the dead. It is not prudent for you to expect
everyone to abide by your religious calendar. Who are you to tell us when
to have a Miss World pageant? Haven't we been having a Miss Nigeria
pageant for years? If the Miss World pageant offends your sensibilities,
SO WHAT? Get over it. Who cares? Are you the only ones who live in
Nigeria? You have every right to refuse it in your Islamic states and
every right to refuse your state-run papers, radios and TV stations to
provide coverage. You have the right to instruct your children and veiled
wives not to watch the pageant. That is your prerogative.
But to assert that others, the sixty million plus, who are not Muslims
should be deprived of this event, however, frivolous it may be in your
eyes because you are the moral police is ridiculous and nonsensical. Must
all Nigerians cater to your wishes? When did you cater to Christians'
wishes? Are you the ones to dictate to the rest of the nation what events
can be watched and what cannot be watched? Who bestowed on you such right?
Is this a joke? Are you telling me that those you call infidels cannot
have an event without your approval? Can we profess our faith or do we
need to seek your approval? Can we watch a movie or do we need to submit
it to you, the moral police of Nigeria, MPN, for your stamp of approval?
Are there other events we need your approval on? Is there a list of events
that would 'offend your sensibilities'? Give us that list so that we may
comply to your every whims and caprices. Heaven forbid that we further
offend your sensibilities in a democracy. Who has ever heard of such a
zealots pt4daz I
Dec 2, 2002 1:11 PM
You may have won this battle, but ...
It is wrong to threaten the hosting of the pageant even if it falls during
the month of Ramadan as long as it is not done in the Shariah states. To
the best of my recollection, Calabar and Port-Harcourt were the
destinations of the beauty queens, the event had no stops in any of your
Shariah states. So why should you assume the role of moral police and
legislate to the rest of the country what can be watched and what cannot
because it offends your sensibilities? Isn't this laughable? Have the
Christians told you what to do and what not to do because of the Christmas
season? All well meaning Nigerians must and should reject your
intolerance, it has no place in the concept of civility. You say Ramadan
is a holy month, but you freely kill and destroy churches in a holy month.
Does that make sense? Oh, it's the Jihad, isn't it?
You must know that Nigeria is not a Muslim country. Hear it again, Nigeria
is NOT a Muslim country. Any questions? Whether you like it or not, there
are others in Nigeria and you cannot impose your religious whims on the
rest of the country. If you do not know this then be ready to continue the
bloodbath and destruction which often leaves your north, not the south,
but your north in physical ruins, setting it further back. Do you ever
think of that? You talk about morality like you invented the word. If you
are so moral, why haven't you cut the limbs of your thieving leaders? Why
haven't you killed them for stealing billions and bringing shame to your
religion? Are you only interested in stoning poor and defenceless women?
What macho men you are? You should pat yourselves on the back, you have
conquered your women. What a feat for all men to emulate.
You seem to have taken much liberty with the ineffectiveness of the
Obasanjo administration. How can anyone blame you? In flagrant violation
of the constitution you instituted Shariah law in its penal form in twelve
states. In a functional society, make note of it, I said, functional
society, [Nigeria is not] such a declaration by Sani and his fellow
zealots in Zamfara on October 27, 1999 would have been met with resistance
from the federal government and Sani tried for treason and punished
according to the laws of the land. Such stance by the Shariah states
amounts to declaration of independence from the federation. Which country
registered under the United Nations operates two laws for its citizens? Is
there a country where an adulterer would be stoned to death in one state
and would be untouched in another? Such is the lot of Nigeria because you
decided to practice your faith in-toto just when you lost power and a
Christian president assumed office.
Major Gideon Orkar was right to have asked you to leave the country until
you can sort yourselves out. If I were that brave soldier, I would have
asked you to forget about sorting yourselves out - just leave and don't
return. I wish he had succeeded because you bring nothing but shame and
disgrace with your barbaric actions. You want to stone women in the year
2002. Others are talking about new scientific discoveries. You are not
interested. You want to stone women. Others are talking about how to
advance humanity. You are not interested. You want to cut people's arms.
Others are talking about economic progress. You are not interested. You
want to burn churches and kill Christians. That is your calling. What is
wrong with you? Why must you resolve every conflict with force? Is it lack
of education? Are you frustrated? Do you lack confidence? Why do you see
the need to kill and kill and kill? Do something different for a change.
There is a foreign concept out there called dialogue. Try it, it may work.