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anyone familiar with Punjabi's?(3 posts)

anyone familiar with Punjabi's?trekkie1
Nov 26, 2002 3:14 PM
I have an acquaintence who is Punjab (or is it Punjabi?), from that region of India; I'm reluctant to pry directly; can anyone fill me in on what their culture is like? Thanks.
re: anyone familiar with Punjabi's?Jon Billheimer
Nov 27, 2002 8:16 AM
I can tell you a little since one of my managers is from the Punjab, but you'd better ask your acquaintance yourself. Punjab province has traditionally been the breadbasket of India. It's residents have been farmers and merchants. The main religious group are known as Sikhs. The Sikh religion arose from roots in Hinduism and Islam, as a reform movement of the caste system. The baptized Sikh is viewed both as a spiritual and physical warrior. The Sikhs for a number of years agitated for independence from India as a result of their perceived persecution by the Hindu majority. Sikh extremists have been involved in a lot of terrorism, both internally in India and abroad. Following a pretty severe crackdown by the Indian government, the extremist elements have been pretty well suppressed.
re: anyone familiar with Punjabi's?nn23
Dec 4, 2002 8:42 PM
Pretty good summary by Jon esp. considering he is not a Punjabi. Wow! One minor correction - The Sikh religion does not have roots in Islam that I know of.

A little more information follows:

Punjabi - One who hails from the state/region of Punjab. Their first language is also called Punjabi. While most of Punjab lies in India, part of it is in Pakistan. Most of the Punjabis are either Sikh or Hindus by religion. Sikhs are easily identified by their long hair and a beard which is part of their religion.

Culturally Punjabis are a proud people not afraid of hard work. (Farmers in a very fertile land that rewarded hard-work). They are also an risk takers and an enterprising bunch (traditional merchant routes thru the state). Those who have the money are more often ostentatious in their spending than not. A stereotype of a male Punjabi would be a well built (by Asian standards) rich farmer dude who works hard by day and invites friends and family to his home for food and drinks in the evening. ;)

I have stereo typed a Punjabi in my previous paragraph, but each region of India does exhibit its own culture as they each have had a separate history dating back hundreds of years and it is interesting to see these difference.

By the way I am a Punjabi and if you have any questions feel free to post them here.