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The Sintesi plan to end the Isaeli/Palestinian conflict.(7 posts)

The Sintesi plan to end the Isaeli/Palestinian conflict.Sintesi
Nov 20, 2002 1:07 PM
It's easy. All it's going to take is some backbone and some resolve on the US' part. Here's what you do:

1) UN guarantees unequivocably Israel's existence and pledges it's troops to it's defence.

2) UN declares existance of Palestinian state and again guarantees safety and pledges protection. Palestinian state must be a constitutional democracy.

3) Build large wall/demilitarized zone between Palestinian lands and Israeli lands as per pre-1967 borders. All travel and transactions between the two countries to be monitored by the UN. This "wall" would be a temporary condition lasting 30 years allowing a true chance of cooling down and allowing conflicted/aggrieved generations to pass.

4)Israeli settlers in occupied lands must return to Israel proper. Israeli settlers refusing repatriation lose Israeli citizenship and become Palestinians.

5)UN led massive funding for building the infrastructure of the new Palestinian state. Massive humanitarian aid. Most funding could come from Europe and Arab league nations.

Israel would be compelled towards this program by the US threatening the removal of all monetary and military aid. Accounts tied to Israel would be frozen until compliance is assured.

There that about does it. Case closed.
re: The Sintesi plan to end the Isaeli/Palestinian conflict.BikeViking
Nov 20, 2002 1:52 PM
Strangely could work! I am not a fan of the UN and to actual get that organization to act with the backbone required for your plan would be more difficult that the current Israeli/Palestinian problems! :o)

One unforeseen spin-off problemsn69
Nov 20, 2002 1:54 PM
How do you reconcile the ensuing pandamonium and chaos in the rest of the Muslim world as their despotic governments can no longer mask their totalitarian policies behind the "it's all Israel's fault" clause in order to distract their populations from their own misery, squalor and oppression?!

It's always sumthin'.....
what abouttao
Nov 20, 2002 2:10 PM
when Hamas continues with one of its stated goals: remove all Jews from the Holy Land. I don't see the UN really having any ability to stop this...
Isreal's economy collapses becauseBrooks
Nov 20, 2002 4:20 PM
a huge number of the service workers are arab/Palestinians. Kind of like illegals in the US, particularly through the Southwest and California.
Isreal's economy collapses becauseSintesi
Nov 21, 2002 5:31 AM
They'd have to go legitimate and either pass through the DMZ or live in Israel proper. I think this labor problem could be managed satisfactorily.
Why must the Palestinian state be...rwbadley
Nov 20, 2002 9:59 PM
constitutional democracy? Most members of the UN are not, why would there be need to dictate political system...

The Israeli 'settlement' situation has been a euphemism for land grab. When we hear of Israeli settlements and settlers it is just a clean word for invasion and redistribution of the Palestinian held territory. I agree there must be return of Israelis to pre '67 borders.

The conflict in that region is exacerbated by US-Israel ties. I think maybe UN massive funding and humanitarian aid (while I'm not against the relief of human suffering and improvement of the Palestinian condition) would possibly aggravate the situation, as it is just another example of US led interference. We believe that by throwing money at the situation, and doing what WE believe is right that all are just thrilled to go along with the idea. Sometimes the best way to deal with something is non-interference. We can realize that these people lived thousands of years without our help, and all they might need is to have some land to work and to be left alone to work it. Without Settlers trying to grab it.

I am not anti Israeli, tho I do believe the Palestinians have a reason they throw stones based on their conviction of being the injured party. I am not saying I agree with suicide bombing of innocents, just that I can see the motivation for the attacks. If the motivation for hatred were lessened or removed, possibly some degree of harmony could ensue. Doubtful this will occur, as current action suggests an increase in antagonistic behavior that will only make things worse. It really depends on the new Israeli leadership, US action and etc...