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Whatever happened to the Fabulous Sports Babe?(2 posts)

Whatever happened to the Fabulous Sports Babe?RoyGBiv
Oct 30, 2002 10:20 AM
Sorry, I was stuck in traffic this morning and had too much time to think.
While listening to the all-sports radio station, I wondered about the Fab Sports Babe. We used to get her on the radio hereabouts, but I haven't heard of her in years. Not that I miss her: She was no match for Jim Rome.
Just curious.
Nanci Donnellan--off the air since Jan. 2001, I thinkretro
Oct 30, 2002 10:53 AM
The Sports Fan Radio Network, or whatever it's called, pulled her plug just before the Super Bowl in 2001. I remember reading a story that she was going to take a "long vacation" to contemplate her future. Haven't heard a word since then.