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What's your favorite whisky?(22 posts)

What's your favorite whisky?rwbadley
Oct 22, 2002 4:12 PM
I have enjoyed different whisky, both Scotch and Bourbon, for years. Also really like just about anything else that tastes good.

Some of my favorites:

A.H. Hirsch 16 and 20yo Bourbon
Ballantines 17 and 21 yo Blended Scotch
Highland Park 18yo single malt
Ardbeg Scotch
Lagavulin Scotch
Minero small village Mezcal
El Tesoro tequila
Padron tequila
Pierre Ferrande Cognac
Monte Christo gran reserva Spanish brandy

What do you like?

re: What's your favorite whisky?sn69
Oct 22, 2002 4:27 PM
Ardbeg--the best of the peaty malts.
Lagavulin--a milder version.
Macallum 25 yr--had it smooth.
Macallum special cold casking--just finished a bottle. Wow.
Balvenie Doublewood
Patron Silver--the best mixing tequilla by far
Tres Generations for sipping
Pepi Chardonnay
Rancho Zabaco Zin and Merlot

I don't know single barrel bourbons, cognacs or brandies all that well, but I'm looking to learn. Likewise, I just don't like Vodka or Canadian Whiskey. I recently ran across a bottle of 100 yr Macallum on line. It was something like $1200 and looked to have the consistency of used motor oil. It made my lotto fantasy list.
Oct 22, 2002 8:39 PM
Ardbeg over Lagavulin? I agree with the rest of your choices so I guess I'll have to give Ardbeg another day in court. Cheers.
Oct 22, 2002 9:00 PM
I find Ardbeg to be very complex in flavor. When you taste it first one flavor pops up, then another. Then you have to taste it again, and another flavor dances around your tongue.

The first time I tasted it I was reminded of some ocean pier, with fresh waves of ocean spray and breeze. Then it transformed into more of a coated piling character...uh, creosote. Then something else, like heather and some kind of deep peat bog, very intigueing.
I've tastedsn69
Oct 23, 2002 5:27 AM
everything from peat to dirt to apples. The earthiness and the subtle sweetness seem to shimmer at different rates. It's a really complex taste experience. Still, the first sip is a fist to the nose.
Pinch. Think I'll have some tonight because....rtyszko
Oct 22, 2002 4:55 PM
it's going to be friggin 30 degrees F tonight here in NH.
Pinch was my favorite too.Spoke Wrench
Oct 23, 2002 5:07 AM
I may have enjoyed it a little too much back then. I haven't used any alcohol since April 30, 1988 and I have decided that I won't be having any tonight.
Pinch was my favorite too.scottfree
Oct 24, 2002 8:37 AM
"ODAAT?" Not in the Internet Acronym Dictionary (nm)rtyszko
Oct 26, 2002 3:12 PM
One Day At A TimeSpoke Wrench
Oct 28, 2002 5:46 AM
Bet you havn't heard of my friend Bill W either.
I'm proud of you two. nmrtyszko
Oct 28, 2002 7:16 AM
Single malts from the Glasgow area.firstrax
Oct 22, 2002 5:11 PM
LIke Auchentoshan and Rosebank?rwbadley
Oct 22, 2002 8:05 PM
The lowland triple distilled Auchentoshan is really a treat. For some reason the Auchentoshan seems best at around 20 yo and the Rosebank around 8 yo.

I have a bottle of Rosebank 8yo that is cask strength at 130 proof 65%abv. With a little water, this malt opens up with a wonderful nose of pears, apples and (tequila!) I'm not sure where that spiciness comes from but it sure is nice. The color is very pale. Nice stuff.

Mcclellands, Speysidefirstrax
Oct 23, 2002 6:07 AM
Oct 22, 2002 8:30 PM
Knob Creek
Oct 22, 2002 9:06 PM
I love bourbon. The ones you listed are really good. I think one of them (the Booker's?) is really strong at something like 120 proof-wow.

There is a real nice one called Van Winkle Rye, if you can find it, it's quite tasty.
Yep, you are correct, Booker's is bottled at...RhodyRider
Oct 23, 2002 6:09 AM
...barrel proof, which is potent. But it is pretty smooth, in spite of this. I'd strongly recommend Labrott & Graham Woodford Reserve as well, it is extremely nice, better than fine Cognac in my opinion. Evan Williams 10-year old single barrel ("Bourbon of the Year" for 1990) is generally pretty good, and a bargain to boot. Basil Hayden's too, but it ought to be for $50 a bottle. Elijah Craig is dependable quality. Several others too, try to taste them all.
Yep, you are correct, Booker's is bottled at...mickey-mac
Oct 23, 2002 6:19 AM
I'll second the recommendation of Woodford Reserve. It's good stuff.
re: What's your favorite whisky?BikeViking
Oct 23, 2002 5:51 AM
Laphroaig takes a little getting used to, but I love it.

Oban was a good one also and Glenlivet is a good starter for anyone wanting to get into SMS.

Didn't really care for Dalwhinnie (too light in flavor)

Crown Royal is good with club soda.
Oct 23, 2002 8:26 AM
It's not subtle, but I like the rough peaty flavour. Hard to put them in order after that...

Port Ellen
Talisker (I like Islay and Island whiskies)

Old Comber - an Irish single malt and no longer available, but it had a really nice complex, almost fruity flavour
Tyrconnel - also Irish

Dalwhinnie - almost like a cognac

I've recently discovered that bourbon is actually nice, expecially when Clint Eastwood/John Wayne/... is on the tube... but I haven't explored past Jack Daniels yet.

Where have you been able to get Port Ellen?rwbadley
Oct 23, 2002 2:26 PM
Islay and AmsterdamStampertje
Oct 24, 2002 2:24 AM
I believe the distillery now mainly supplies to blenders, but apparently they still put out limited bottles of single malts. Overmars on the Hoofddorpplein in Amsterdam has them every now and then. I don't know where else to get it.