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Simpsons vs BaseBall... minor rant(18 posts)

Simpsons vs BaseBall... minor rantjose_Tex_mex
Oct 20, 2002 4:08 PM
It's Sunday night, just past 8:00 and another week goes by without the Simpsons. Am I the only one out there who could care less about post season baseball?
I'm with ya on that one. nmBigburlymtnman
Oct 20, 2002 4:30 PM
I'd have to agree with you too! nmgirchygirchy
Oct 20, 2002 6:40 PM
Common give the US the chance to win at least...Bruno S
Oct 20, 2002 7:40 PM
some kind of "world" championship.
We'll just have to do with winning the TDF :-)jose_Tex_mex
Oct 21, 2002 3:28 AM
Although, not the "World" championship, our guy Lance does have the stripes on his jersey!
re: Simpsons vs BaseBall... minor ranttao
Oct 20, 2002 7:40 PM
Uhhhm, you're assuming the two are correlated. Haven't you heard PC Wigum and Ralph (my favorite!) are striking to get more airtime? Seriously though, the debut of shows has more to do with spreading out premiers per network throughout the first stage of "sweeps", usually Novemberish. This is when advertising rates are set until the next round, and it behooves a network to have all new shows, some gimmicks, and even a premier or two during the period. So starting all your shows early leaves open the chance of repeats during the sweep and also gives viewers more of a chance to realize your new shows suck, thus decreasing your income.

In addition, Fox has already debuted half its lineup so your logic doesn't make sense. And networks other than Fox still have shows to debut as well, so that doesn't work either. Of course major sporting events have some effect on shows but Fox used to debut the Simpsons late, one year in the 2nd week of November, before it even had playoff baseball. If you really need your fix, watch the syndication multiples every night and soon the fortnight will be upon us, that's my idea anyway.
Still, you agree baseball (yawn) sucks, no? nmSintesi
Oct 21, 2002 4:59 AM
No, I love it. And that's coming from Eurotrash here. (nm)Stampertje
Oct 21, 2002 7:29 AM
good from afar but far from good. nmjose_Tex_mex
Oct 21, 2002 7:35 AM
Oct 21, 2002 5:38 AM
I am not sure I was dropping logic on anyone more so than saying I would rather watch cartoons than baseball.
They're both boring. (nm)terry b
Oct 21, 2002 5:39 AM
yes, you aremohair_chair
Oct 21, 2002 6:32 AM
The ratings show more people are watching the games than ever watched the Simpsons. Tough luck for you. Funny how you specifically say you could care less about post season baseball. Does that mean you care a lot about regular season baseball?
Is baseball still on?Spoiler
Oct 21, 2002 11:05 AM
I couldn't imagine any scenerio where I'd be interested. Maybe if a close relative owned one of the teams, or maybe if I was actually the starting pitcher. Other than that, the outcome of "Junkyard Wars" holds more interest. If it wasn't for 9/11 guilt, those clowns would still be on strike.
Get A LifeRoadrunner25
Oct 21, 2002 12:04 PM
More to life than sitting in front of a TV set watching a cartoon.
Quick run: here comes the Coyote... nmjose_Tex_mex
Oct 21, 2002 12:44 PM
Do you touch yourself when Marge is on?Roadrunner25
Oct 21, 2002 2:27 PM
I bet you do.
Yeah, the Halloween episode has never been the season premierShad
Oct 21, 2002 2:21 PM
We usually do get several episodes before they run the odd Halloween episode. Now that is the season premier. Does kind of suck. Hopefully the wait is worth it, some of the more recent stuff hasn't been too great. "Worst episode ever!"
Loving the ballgames...looking forward to The Simpsons.DeRanger
Oct 21, 2002 2:23 PM
Yes, my friend, you CAN have it all!

DeR ( this a great country or what?!?...)