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Anyone own a home gym? Opinions please.(3 posts)

Anyone own a home gym? Opinions please.rtyszko
Oct 18, 2002 5:02 AM
I'm kicking around the idea of getting serious about some Fall/Winter weight training and I wanted to know if anyone has purchased any of the home gyms that are available (Nordic Track, SoloFlex, BowFlex). I'd like something to use so that I could get an all around work out, legs included. I could go the cheap way and just use the dumb bells that I have and intergrate some push-ups and sit-ups but I would be neglecting my legs (wouldn't want to do that!).

Thoughts and suggestions anyone?

re: Anyone own a home gym? Opinions please.King Henry
Oct 18, 2002 9:57 AM
I own a Bowflex XTLU and it is great overall. Granted, I know someone in management and got it for a good discount, but, especially in hindsight, I would have bought it anyway. My only beef is that the squat device doesn't quite feel right, which of course is a particularly exercise for cycling. Look in the classifieds or on E-Bay and you might find one at a decent price--they shouldn't wear out much over time.

As for the others, I think Soloflex is bankrupt. My in-laws have a Nordic Track machine and they aren't very thrilled with it.
Go to the gym if you canColnagoFE
Oct 21, 2002 8:02 AM
If you have the room--a power rack, inclinable bench and olympic weight set plus various dumbells would do the trick. I dont like the Bowflex/soloflex types of machines and I'm guessing they make good coat racks in many houses. They just aren't as effective or easy to use as free weights. Good machines such as Cybex are gonna be cost-prohibitive and space prohibitive to most. I think a gym is your best bet unless there is not one around that you can get to easy.