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Okay car buffs, have you ever heard of the RMG Phillips?(4 posts)

Okay car buffs, have you ever heard of the RMG Phillips?Kristin
Oct 16, 2002 1:11 PM
If so, what do you know about it?
Rings an extremely faint bell (but nobody answers...)cory
Oct 18, 2002 2:45 PM
For about 20 years of my life, I followed cars and motorsports, including weirdball eastern European and one-off British cars and events, very closely. In that context, the name isn't completely unfamiliar to me...I'm thinking of an odd British sport the name of which I can't remember, that involved driving cars built especially for the purpose around muddy, grassy, hilly courses. It was a little like motorcycle (or later mountain bike) trials riding, but on four wheels. Been probably 25 years since I even thought of it, and a Web search didn't turn anything up.
I can't think of the names of any British car magazines offhand (I used to subscribe to several), but if I were you and really wanted to know, I'd track some down and e-mail them with questions.
Another RMG car-related possibilitycory
Oct 18, 2002 2:52 PM
A friend who travels to the Far East several times a year says the main independent car rental place in a lot of that part of the world is called RMG. He vaguely remembers reading something about a tie-in with Phillips Petroleum...but that's REALLY stretching.
Hmmm...Close but no cigarKristin
Oct 21, 2002 7:11 AM
Thats good info, but none of it relates to what I was hoping to find. Bummer, because if anyone would have known the name it would have been you. Which means some details will forever remain a mystery. Want some inside info on the RMG Phillips?

The RMG Phillips was a new automobile designed in the 1940's that incorporated two unique inventions. 1) An air cooled motor and, 2) a foot activated, parking brake button (as opposed to a lever). Some caufaufil (how do you spell that?) arose between the Franklin Automobile Company and RMG which bankrupted him and the Phillips never even made it to proto-type. (Funny how that happened to so many independant auto designers in those days.) There was an interesting twist of events as well. I've been told--but do not have enough money to proove--that RMG Phillips obtained the first patent for any type of air-cooled engine. And its interesting that Franklin later sold the designs for an air-cooled motor to VW and that VW later produced an engine that was much like the RMG Phillips.

That is all of the information I have about RMG Phillips, and I wish I could find out more. Ross Mueller Griswold Phillips was my great grandfather. One day, I will take posession of trunk containing more than 400 patents, as well as blueprints for the Phillips automobile. One of those patents is for a parking brake that is widely used today in the airline industry. Another is for the engine. Who knows, perhaps one day I'll get the chance to build the RMG Phillips proto-type.

I wish I could have known my great grandfather. He strikes me as a remarkable man. Offered a job by Edison himself, but turned it down so that he could continue invent freely and with passion.