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Gulf War pilot Scott Speicher - I knew they would do this...(4 posts)

Gulf War pilot Scott Speicher - I knew they would do this...jose_Tex_mex
Oct 11, 2002 12:14 PM
Last January when they changed the status of Gulf War pilot Scott Speicher from KIA to MIA I said to myself - there's the reason we're going to go back. Never leave a man behind.

I think it is terrible what his family will go through now - given what I believe to be a false hope. I understand there is no evidence to support the claim. If there were, send in Delta Force. But have some respect for the family.
And speaking of respect. . .czardonic
Oct 11, 2002 2:54 PM
. . .what about the thousands of families who were promised justice for their dead loved ones, and now have had their cause lumped in with a slew of strategic and political agendas.

Whether or not you think Saddam has to go, or even if he was in some way peripherally involed in the September 11th attacks, can we agree that more attention should be being paid to the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden (dead or alive)?
Do you ever wonder if they already have Osama?carnageasada
Oct 11, 2002 4:41 PM
re: Gulf War pilot Scott Speicher - I knew they would do this...BikeViking at home
Oct 12, 2002 11:14 AM
I see the reasons for going back as a multiple of reasons, CAPT Speicher being on of them. 9/11 opened our eyes to the danger of letting problems fester. Terrorism has beeing festering for a LONG time. No president has done anything to fix it (Republicans included) and look what happened. SH has been a thorn for a long time and the mood now is not to let ANYTHING that could bite us in the a$$, grow and become MORE of a danger. SH certainly has the capability and the will to be a REAL danger at some point.

Can't see the logic of letting SH become a REAL threat.