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Confessions of a Spice-oholic....(9 posts)

Confessions of a Spice-oholic....rwbadley
Oct 10, 2002 10:58 AM
Anybody else into hot, spicy food?

Wife and I go on vacations just to find hot spicy Thai, Indian, Chinese food.

In the past I have used hot peppers in: Fruit salad, banana/OJ smoothies, home made wine, breakfast food of all types. And just about everything else seems to get a dash of hot to it

The other day I put cayenne into some chocolate milk to see what it was like, mmmm good!

After eating dinner with us, my friends have recommended a a twelve step program.

Anybody else like the hot stuff?

Cayenne in Chocolate Milk? Can't wait to try it!czardonic
Oct 10, 2002 11:24 AM
Once at a Japanese restaurant, I tried Shichi-mi (the peppery/spicy stuff the give you for Udon, etc) on Mango ice cream. Wasn't bad.
Try Tabasco Sauce on Vanilla Ice Cream -- nmms
Oct 10, 2002 12:51 PM
Sporty SpiceTypeOne
Oct 10, 2002 11:26 AM
Whew..I thought maybe you were professing your love of the old British pop group.

I am unable to eat the hot stuff - when it overwhelms the taste of the food, it isn't any fun. I have gone to wing places and those fire-eating friends of mine like to challenge each other to eat hot stuff, and they laugh at me. Whatever, I decline the challenge. Because while they are laughing, their eyes are watering, their noses are running, and their faces are flushed. No fun. I have never understood these guys, but then they don't understand why I ride a bike.
try infusing some good vodka with jalapenos--nice martini (nm)ColnagoFE
Oct 10, 2002 11:47 AM
Avery Island: Vallhalla. Food is but a vehicle for sauce....128
Oct 10, 2002 12:47 PM
Tabasco, Wasabi, Kimchi, Salsa (Melinda's XX), Jalepenos, Peperoccini, Thai Chili paste, Jamaican Jerk and Vindaloo Too!!
I love it all, in the right measure.
When I was just starting out I almost blew my head off with the wasabi. But now I'm taking sectionals almost every year and made the '06 Olympic hot squad.

I understand that for men, habanaro mimics or induces some feel-good secretions like seratonin/endorphin and that it is actually a mild addiction. I absolutely crave Tabasco at times and ALWAYs have it in the 'fridge. The corollary feel-good par les femmes is chocolate, which I guess doesn't have as strong an effect or drawn on men. Hmm, occurs to me: you may have really hit on something there with the 'hot' chocolate! Maybe you are very in touch with your feminine side! : )

(my 'under-eyes' are warming just thinking about this topic...)

Careful out there!
Love it all... your list mimics my refigerator...rwbadley
Oct 10, 2002 3:54 PM
I recently found another called Harissa le cabanon. It is from an e-bay merchant, comes in a tube, and contains 38% chili with carrot, turnip beets, tomato, and spices. Great stuff. I spread it over toast in the mornings. It's not real hot, but good flavor.

I have to admit I like spice and heat, but they need to be in balance too. Actually, I don't go too much for the habanero straight hot sort of flavor. Too single dimensional. Gives me the hiccups.

A few years back I did well in some major competitions with a chipotle spiced mead(honey wine) and then with a key lime/red pepper mead. Really tasty stuff.

Wasabi I enjoy very often, it is a different kind of heat. Try mixing it with soy sauce and then pour it over rice. mmmm

I am in touch with my feminine side, but only as often as she lets me!

Hot stuffgregario
Oct 11, 2002 4:31 AM
I work for a spice extractor that sells to food processors. Want me to send you a sample of something that is one million pungency?
Oh Yeah! I'll trade you for somerwbadley
Oct 11, 2002 7:41 AM
Biopace chainrings if you still want 'em!