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Why now one month before elections? Dubya's tail is waging.(5 posts)

Why now one month before elections? Dubya's tail is waging.critmass
Oct 9, 2002 9:20 PM
Dubya's (aka Karl Rove) wag the dog need for all-out war with Iraq that places young American soldiers in imminent and unnecessary risk is predicated on his fear that the Republicans will lose BIG-TIME on Nov. 5th due to the flagging U.S. economy. The American people deserve better of their leaders.

CIA views Saddam Hussein as a "very low" threat to US in the "foreseeable future"
without provocation.

"Intelligence community feeling pressure from the Pentagon to cook the intelligence books"

For all you Dickhead Armey fans, an example of his (lack of) character
You are clearly an America-hating communist.czardonic
Oct 9, 2002 10:15 PM
Bush would never misrepresent the facts to gain political advantage. . . .again.

Besides, your theory makes no sense. If Bush is trying to divert attention from his mishandling of the economy, why did he torpedo the economy in the first place?
Good questionTypeOne
Oct 10, 2002 11:32 AM
If W wanted to appeal to some moderate voters, why would he pursue a military action that is enraging many left-moderates AND tearing apart the economy? Call it what you want, it is also going to cost him politically - here and abroad. Could he be right about Saddam??

Hell, I probably overstate the U.S. reaction - my Congressman is Jim "Baghdad" McDermott. Maybe the rest of the country is behind this, but there's a protest march in town here nearly every other day.
A plausible answer. . .czardonic
Oct 10, 2002 12:27 PM
Couldn't he instead be trying to radicalize moderates with his fear-mongering?

If he is right about Saddam, he knows something that the rest of the world including UNSCOM, the IAEA and the CIA doesn't.

Robert Scheer summed up Bush's most likely motivations pretty aptly:

"In truth, the invasion is required not to meet a pressing threat to our security but rather to meet the threat to GOP control of Congress posed by a sagging U.S. economy and a stock market that has wiped out the savings of many Americans. That and the pent-up desire of frustrated wannabe imperialists among top Bush advisors to find a way to use our high-tech weaponry to micromanage the world. The CIA report makes it clear there is no plausible national security reason for pushing for war with Iraq at this time, other than the ill-advised imperial goal of directly controlling the world's oil supplies."

I think that the latter part is actually the key to understanding Bush's strategy. I think he sincerely beleives that his imperialist ambitions are what this country needs. To be fair, I am sure he sees some kind of trickle-down benefit for the rest of the world too.
oh goodTypeOne
Oct 10, 2002 8:06 PM
I'm glad to hear that he might have the benefit of the world in mind. :)