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Boomtown(2 posts)

Oct 1, 2002 9:02 AM
Everyone knows we all ride all the time and have no time for watching TV. And everyone knows that isn't true.

Anyone watch "Boomtown" on Sunday? Good stuff. Very good stuff. Interesting characters, and I loved the pseudo-Rashoman/Pulp Fiction multiple interconnected timelines/vignettes. I really loved the beautiful camera work. For my money, when you see a TV show put money into camera work, it shows that someone really cares about how the story is told. I hope they can sustain it.

Other new shows:

American Dreams - I liked this a lot, although there is some room for improvement. The story is a good idea, especially in light of Sep 11. I was just a gleam in my parent's eyes (literally) but I'll bet the Kennedy Assassination affected people more profoundly at that time than Sep 11 did. The world was a much different place. I also liked the way they show old clips of American Bandstand on monitors that obscure the stage, or the background remains out of focus. Very clever!

CSI:Miami - Big disappointment for me. Part of it is that David Caruso rubs me the wrong way, but show-wise, there was too much backstory brought forward, and too much future conflict built in. This is supposed to be about solving crimes, not hugs and kisses and yelling and screaming. I like the original CSI, although the second season did not live up to the first. Miami has a ways to go to match even the worst CSI episode.
Too much Pulp Fiction, not enough Rashomon.czardonic
Oct 1, 2002 9:48 AM
I think that the multiple perspective aspect was under-developed. Despite the multiple points of view, the story seemed fairly linear. It would have been nice if they had created a show that left the viewers to draw their own conclusions about what is truth, and what is perception. As it is, it is just another crime drama with a gimmick.