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Anybody watching Survivor Thailand?(4 posts)

Anybody watching Survivor Thailand?Starliner
Sep 27, 2002 9:23 AM
I confess that I am a Survivor junkie. Seen them all. With the latest one, I'm already hooked after the first two episodes. Previews of the third episode next week show things ramping up, with Ghandia making a big stink accusing the big black guy of sexual advances (did anybody notice on last night's show Ghandia lying next to him with her hand laying on his thigh near his crotch?) and the big brawny bartender from the strong tribe getting in a fight with the 5'5 middle aged guy from the weaker tribe. Fascinating....
re: Anybody watching Survivor Thailand?BikeViking
Sep 27, 2002 10:09 AM
I have been watching it as well, but I missed the previews for the 3rd episode. I did notice Ghandia's hand on that guys leg...should be interesting!
I saw the first episode.Sintesi
Sep 27, 2002 10:14 AM
Looks like a good one. That Ghandia should have gone after the first show, she lost that puzzle challenge for them and has no strong physical attributes. You gotta be either smart or strong and she doesn't seem to be either. That team screwed themselves by booting the pastor, so what if he doesn't play well with others? That guy was one of their strongest members.
That bartender isn't going to last. Wasn't he in that asian chick's face calling her lazy or something? Very confrontational and looks like a ADD candidate as well. What a looney.

So which team lost the second challenge and who got the second boot?
Sep 27, 2002 12:16 PM
The same tribe that lost in the first show lost both challenges in the second show. Tanya, the cute sweetie with the big boobs was voted out for merciful reasons, in that she didn't like eating seafood, couldn't keep her food down, and was sick and weak. She was nice, but had a hard go with the living conditions.

I also would have voted Ghandia out the first show. She's very negative and controlling, and has male issues. You might remember from the first show her disrespectful comments about men when, just before the tribes were chosen, the male and female members were separated into two groups, and it seemed as if it might be girls vs. boys. She's a powder keg to be around, and the men and strong women of the tribe like Helen should beware. Cut her loose.

I would have kept the preacher around for a few more episodes too, to help with the challenges and then dispose of him when his usefulness had expired. He too had some fatal flaws, but while Ghandia was dangerous to others, I don't think this guy's faults were going to bring anybody else down but himself. He, too, was a bit too controlling and seemed too good to be true. His trimmed, blow dried appearance didn't fit in with the group, and obviously neither did he.

The bartender would have been my choice to vote out in the other tribe at the beginning. His boundaries are so out of whack he is the sort of person you want to stay clear of. In fact, two people, Stephanie the firefighter and the handsome blond guy are doing just that, keeping to themselves instead of getting involved in the building of the shelter which the bartender seems to be running. Their separation is now causing others to wonder about them. I think I know, and see a confrontation looming ahead with the bartender and the blond guy - a shootout at the OK Corral.