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Selling on Ebay(2 posts)

Selling on EbayKristin
Sep 20, 2002 1:23 PM
It sounds like some of you do the EBay thing a lot. I'm getting ready to sell some stuff and I have a few questions that aren't addressed in the FAQ's.

1. How should I handle payments? I don't mind entering my credit card info for my ebay account--the card is protected. But I saw very little on the web site that indicated "how" Ebay will protect my information. Do most sellers link directly a primary account to Ebay or do they have a separate credit card/ or bank account setup just for trading. In other words, is it safe to plug in my only credit card number?

2. Shipping. I know that by shipping an item, I can command I higher bid for it. I've seen Shwinn Airdyne sellers quote shipping at $50. Wow. I called around and couldn't ship an Airdyne 2,000 miles for less than $200. Is there really shipping out there for $50? Or do sellers just inflate the product price and charge a smaller shipping fee?

3. Rating. I'm afraid that I won't get good bids for anything because this is basically a garage sale online. It will be a brand new account with no feed back. Will I get any bids at all? Anything I can do to make the sale more attractive in that department and still command a decent going rate for my stuff?
re: Selling on Ebaymr_spin
Sep 20, 2002 1:48 PM
Paypal is the only way to handle payments. Most bidders expect you to handle Paypal, and it's not a big deal to do it. Ebay used to have their own version (maybe they still do), but they just bought Paypal, so it's all one big happy family.

Shipping. If you don't know how much, you have to either guess, or state an estimate and say that you won't know until you ship it. Depending on where it's going, it could cost more or less.

Forget about ratings. Lots of Ebay elitists make ratings out to be hugely important, forgetting the obvious fact that everyone starts at zero, including them at one time. It's nice if your buyer has a high rating, but it doesn't matter in the end. You sell to the highest bidder.