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I just need to post this (Helpdesk Humor)(8 posts)

I just need to post this (Helpdesk Humor)Kristin
Sep 16, 2002 11:25 AM
One of my users called today and logged the following work ticket:
"Notes is now showing all his new messages. Please call John at xxx-xxx-xxxx."

I love it when my users call in to tell us that everything is working properly. I called him back and asked if I should break something in the client for him.
when you're done with that...lonefrontranger
Sep 16, 2002 1:40 PM
can you puhleeze come break our Citrix Enterprise Client so I can stop trying to run this friggin' report that REFUSES TO WORK and go ride my bike before it gets dark??!!

isn't IT fun? (nm)ColnagoFE
Sep 16, 2002 2:22 PM
Try our helpdesk!cyclejim
Sep 16, 2002 8:39 PM
Its great they open tickets very willingly right away, then send it to some other group but you can't actually get their phone number so if they call you back and you arent there you are SOL. They leave you a message and say they called but wont leave a number. We think they are all CIA or NSA or something. After two days of this, they close your ticket without fixing it (client never called back lol) and then send a survey to report on how they did. Boy I love filling those things out!
My unique perspective...Kristin
Sep 17, 2002 6:52 AM
I can understand both sides of the fence here. I know what its like to be in need of support and wish I just had a number to call directly. However, I have that unique pespective from the other side too.

Imagine this: You arrive at work on Monday morning. You and three others are responsible for supporting 8,000 Lotus Notes users in your region--any of whom may call this day. As a rule, you must justify your existence quantitatively to your corporation by logging, maintaining and resolving work requests in a support database (called the Que). You are a good and talented support person (quite rare within your organization) and whenever you work on a call, you make sure the user has your contact information so they can reach you should things go wrong. Which never happens because, lets face it, you're brilliant! Now John, an agressive regional manager, has stored your phone number for handy access. The next time a problem arrises on Johns PC he recalls that the Helpdesk never really "help" him. So he decides to bypass this little step and calls you directly for help. (He's is just one of hundreds who do this.) Now your support que already contains 40 calls waiting for your help--some of them were logged two days ago. Do you drop everyone else in the que to help John? If not, how do you put John off and discourage his calling you directly without pissing him off? Do you accept his offer of free carpet cleaning products in exchange for your immediate attention? What if he offers chocolate? This is why support "specialists" HATE giving out their phone number. I always give my number to users; but I pay for it in the end. I just can't be Notes savior to 8,000 people.

You're helpdesk sounds like mine. If any of these people ever even attempted to actually troubleshoot a call...well, I'd just have a heart attack. But mostly I just get work requests that read, "John says that Notes stopped working." Gee, thanks for the heads up. (Oh yeah, if your support "specialist" calls back and doesn't seem to have a clue what your problem is, and you must explain everyting all over again, don't get impatient. Remember that the Helpdesk--who didn't help you in the first place--probably told me that it was just "broke".) :-)

Kristin, Certified Lotus Specialist
Yes, I can break anythingKristin
Sep 17, 2002 7:00 AM
But it will cost you two rubbles!

Actually, I have a funny story. When I was new to the world of corporate technology, it was my job to setup rooms for computer training. They sent me to set up 18 PC's in a room that had one live network jack. How was I suposed to know that it was bad to daisy chain four mini-hubs together and log 18 PC's onto the network at once? Can you say abend? I always wondered what that red light was for.
That's nothing!mr_spin
Sep 17, 2002 7:39 AM
The IT guy at my first computer job was an absolutely brilliant and insubordinate guy who had apparently taken way too many drugs at one time. The lowly peons loved him because he fixed things fast and was just a funny, goofy guy (especially in a bar). He had incredible contempt for executives and anyone who was his boss, and used to post his reprimands on the wall outside his office. While I was there he was fired no less than three times!!! They always rehired him a week or two later when everything stopped working. They gave him a different boss and a different title, but he had the same job.

Anyway, he was asked to set up a QA lab one day, with 30-40 machines. There were only a couple of power outlets in the room and he needed 60-80 to supply all the equipment, so this guy went out at bought a couple of dozen power strips and daisy chained them all together. (Safety experts do not recommend this, by the way!) Everything seemed fine until the building engineer came by, investigating some strangeness in the power, and went speechless when he saw the spider web of power strips. All he could get out was something about the heat dissipation in the room. Needless to say, the QA lab was dismantled.
i don't do helpdesk anymore. thank god. but...EpicX
Sep 17, 2002 7:33 AM
but i still sit next to my former teammates. the other day someone calls in needing their password reset. They don't remember the password so the rep tells them she has changed it to America. The client responds: 'is that one word?'. oh god. i guess it's 'A Merica' now. uhg.