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Here is my 9/11 rant . . .(2 posts)

Here is my 9/11 rant . . .jefajones
Sep 11, 2002 5:18 AM
My wife is a professor at a primarily undergrad college in the NE. The school has proposed to have some sort of recognition today, comprising of 3 seperate 1 minute moments of silence spread across an hour.

This proposal has been met with mixed emotions. Therefore, here is my rant . . . one group of prof's are against this gesture on behalf of the university. The reasoning, first, three one minute sessions across an hour is too disrubtive to their class - in effect, rendering the hour useless from the teaching aspect. Second, the good old slippery slope arguement. If this, then what next . . .

My wife, being new tenure track faculty is staying out of everything. I'm just amazed at the gaul of the ivory towered academics that think their time is to important to observe such a crucial time in our history. There has been no proposal to make this an annual event, just the first year anniversary thing. To me this is appropriate and obvious as there have been many past events in our history that would warrant observation, possibly events with even greater magnitude than 9/11.

I guess I'm just stupified by the arguement regarding the interruption of a class session. In talking with my wife last night, she could not remember one class that was so crucial to her education that she would not have been able to attain her Ph.D. had it been "interrupted." Similarly, I cannot recall a single class session during my M.S. or J.D. that would have had a profound effect on my education.

Well, that is it. I guess I have often been amazed at the gaul of academiacs in the past, or at least their attempts to tie wordly imporatance to their actions, but this one hit me pretty hard.

Jeff (I'm not calling you Dr. unless you can write me a prescription) Jones
I bet those same Prof's watched more than 3 mins of TV last yearjose_Tex_mex
Sep 11, 2002 2:16 PM
It's amazing. On 9/11/01 there wasn't a whole lot of anything that mattered - did anyone care about checking their email?
One year later some people are irked about three minutes. Perhaps, it's for the best - getting back to usual.