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How do you win at Ebay?(8 posts)

How do you win at Ebay?Kristin
Aug 29, 2002 2:02 PM
Okay, I've never done this before. I need an armoire to go for my tiny new condo. I found one I like a lot - 6 days left. I'm already confused as I placed a bid for $35 but only $26 shows up on the screen. Whats up with that?

So tell me how to win this thing. Also, is it unethical for me to email the seller and offer to buy it outright? He lives in Toledo which is within driving range, so I could just plan a day trip to go get it and pay him cash.
re: How do you win at Ebay?mr_spin
Aug 29, 2002 2:21 PM
You placed a max bid of $35. Ebay calculated that you only need to bid $26 right now to win. As people make more bids, you will automatically be bid up to $35, then you'll have to enter a new maximum bid.

The way you win on a desirable item is you come back with one hour to go and place your bid then. You'll be lucky to see any action until then, because experienced bidders know this. It sucks, but that's the way it is. You can't fight the system. I'm not sure a $26 armoire (probably a 1776 antique made of old-growth chestnut inlaid with walnut and maple, right?) is going to get much action!!! Good luck!

It would be totally unethical for you to email the seller and offer to buy it outright. It's not in the seller's best interest, either. He's smart to wait until the auction ends, because he'll get at least your price, and maybe better.
Aug 30, 2002 5:28 AM
I'm hoping it won't see much action. Believe it or not, the decent antique pieces are experiencing some action, but those are all French and ugly. I'd rather have an understated soft pine piece. That's what this is. So perhaps I'll get it for a steal. If there is no reserve, the seller is obligated to sell it at the high bid price right--even if that's only $35?

I think I'm going to put some items out there in the next couple weeks. But I'm not sure I can get what I want for them. There are so many new items selling for less than store prices that used items are undersold.
put it on your watch list/wait til 10 min left/bid high nmSpinchick
Aug 30, 2002 3:47 AM
If you really want it..........Dave Hickey
Aug 30, 2002 5:29 AM
Wait until the last minute before you put in your final bid. Decide the maximum price your willing to pay and with 30-45 seconds to go, submit that bid. Remember just because you put in a high maximum, it doesn't mean that's how much your going to pay.
Also, in the last five minutes, keep two windows of the item open. The first window is the home page of item your bidding on. Keep hitting refresh every 15-20 seconds. It will tell you how everyone else is bidding. The second window is your bid. Enter your maximum bid and it will take you to the second page that say's "click here to confirm". Wait until 30-45 seconds to go and then confirm your bid.
Even if your high bidder, it doesn't hurt to put in a maximum bid at the last minute. You won't pay any more for the item unless someone else bids.
One more little trickterry b
Aug 30, 2002 5:41 AM
Don't bid in even increments. For some reason, people seem to always enter proxy bids ending in $0 or $5. Instead, bid an additional buck or so i.e. $76.60 instead of $75. You'll scoot past people in the closing seconds and only pay a small amount more.
ah...very clever (nm)Kristin
Aug 30, 2002 5:58 AM
If you REALLY want it. . .snipe. . .js5280
Aug 30, 2002 9:00 AM
I've used for a few key items with much sucess. Some people don't think sniping is ethical but personally I don't have a problem with it. The seller still gets the highest price offered and it's not any different than putting in a bid manually at the last second. It's just how the game is played nowdays. It also puts an end to losing an auction over some insignifcant amount or unethical sellers who counter-bid to drive up the price.