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Tale of two "Tech Supports": Rudy Project vs. Microsoft(2 posts)

Tale of two "Tech Supports": Rudy Project vs. Microsoftfiltersweep
Aug 24, 2002 3:57 PM

A few weeks ago my optical MS mouse conked out. I purchased it a few years ago and could not find any registration info, receipts, etc... I thought since it HAD NO MOVING PARTS, what could possibly go wrong?

Anyway, I contacted Microsoft (out of a sense of exploration and principle, since this thing cost maybe $70 when it was purchased). After being transferred around to the proper person (via phone) I spoke with a woman who asked for the P/N number, which I dutifully read off. She could make no sense of the number in her system, and insinuated that I had a counterfeit. I explained I had purchased it at Best Buy. She asked me to read off some numbers on the certificate of authenticity (only God knew where that was) or fax a copy of the receipt. I gave up. (It was actually much more convoluted than I care to describe, but you get the idea).

I have found that if I act like a pathetic ignorant person, I often get better results from these gatekeepers to my happiness, so I called again a few days later from work. This woman was set to ship out a new mouse, but asked at the last second for the P/N number... of course the mouse was at home. No luck.

I went to Best Buy and picked up a duplicate receipt from years back. I called again from home. This woman only wanted to know my address, didn't give me any run around.

Rudy Project:

Those little rubber pads that fit on the nosepiece of my Kerosenes disappeared- likely when cleaning the sweat off the lenses. I called Rudy Project, explained what I was looking for and asked who I should speak with. The guy just asked for my address and shipped the replacement part- no questions asked.
Rudy Project plus othersPaulCL
Aug 25, 2002 5:13 PM
Rudy Project

About two months ago, I noticed a chip on one of the four lens (two black, two yellow) for my Skeey sunglasses. They said to send back both sets of lens and the frames. Within a week, I had a two new sets of lens and a new frame - this time with a lens pouch and a glass case. What did it cost me?? Only the postage to mail my old stuff to them. Amazing customer service. I found this out thanks to TJeanLoz from this board.


I called them regarding a three year old Silca pump. The main steel plunge rod snapped. I wanted to buy a replacement rod. Nope. None to sell. So without a receipt, just on my word, Performance sent a replacement pump.

Dave Thomas of Speeddream Wheels

I bought a set in Feb of 2001. Earlier this year, I had a problem with one of the spoke eyelets. Nothing major, I was just asking him how to fix a very minor problem. He said to ship it back. I got a new rim built around my hubs. It only cost me shipping. Great wheels to go with the service.


They suck. Nothing else to say about it.