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Cute things your kids have said(18 posts)

Cute things your kids have saidkyvdh
Aug 15, 2002 6:53 PM
A nice light topic before the weekend. We homeschool our kids and sometimes you can be thankful when you see some of the answers or in this case spellings used. The following is the question and answer my 9 year old gave:

What is the opposite of failure - Suckssess

(I suppose if he didn't know what opposite meant he could always argue that he thought it meant the same as)

Another one. We're driving to church Sunday and my 5 year old daughter who is cute as a button and in her nice Sunday dress is sitting in the seat behind my wife and I. She let's out a quiet little burp and we hear her say very softly, "Excuse me". Then she follows it up, sort of talking to herself, again very quietly, "I think I must of had too much breakfast".

Well, anyone else have some stories to tell. Along time ago my wife began to keep a journal of these kinds of things so we wouldn't forget them. If we ever are having a bad day and need a good laugh, we can bring it out and revel in the joy of children. Perhaps sometime I can tell you about my sons "wrinkled Coke".
re: Cute things your kids have saidcp123
Aug 15, 2002 8:59 PM
Not my kids, but I remember the family story about my brother nearly 30 years ago when we were all little tackers. We were all at the circus and the knife throwing man came out. With his female assistant in the silver shiny outfit. So she lined herself up in front of the board and the guy proceeded to throw daggers at her. Either side of her head, her neck, her shoulders and her body. And as you can imagine, the deathly silence of the audience except for the "GASP" as he throws it, plus the steady sound of drumroll.... And in the loud penetrating voice that only four year olds can come up with "hey mum, i don't think he's very good, he's had 6 throws but hasn't hit her yet!" Needless to say, all the adults in hearing distance almost wet themselves.

Only recently, my sister dropped her third bundle. No's 1 and 2 are real little boys and into dinosaurs and stuff. So at the toast after the christening service when his dad says "to luke, may he have a long, happy and prosperous life" And everyone went "to luke!". And then number 2 brother who's 2 1/2 years old went "and let nobody chop his head off!" We all almost exploded. It might not sound that funny in writing - i think you had to be there.

I just love the things they say because they can't speak properly yet. Yellow is still lellow. Frankfurts (cocktail sausages) were called franklets - so much so that that's what we call them all the time now.

what's the wrinked coke story? These same kids call coke and all fizzy drinks "burp drink". Brown burp drink or orange burp drink.....
re: Cute things your kids have saidMXL02
Aug 16, 2002 5:04 AM
Best thing was when my daughter and her stepmom were running errands before a trip, and my daughter was making the packing list, you know, shoes, shirts, underwear, etc. and when my wife told her to write down toiletries, she wrote: "toilet trees"...the mental picture was hilarious. It is now our family joke whenever we travel.
LOL! nmSpinchick
Aug 18, 2002 4:01 AM
My three year oldPaulCL
Aug 16, 2002 5:26 AM
Adam will be four in September...

In church last Easter: he ripped a big fart at the quietest part of the service, then, of course, yelled out "hey Dad, I farted!" He was so proud. Ever hear 200 people erupt in laughter at the same time?

A couple of weeks ago, while sitting on my wife's lap, Adam looked up to his Mom and asked "Mommy, did the angels send you down here just for me??" My wife started to cry. So cute.

I'm sure there's more, but since senility is quickly approaching, I can't remember them. Paul
"aaa...waaaaah...eeooooo...ah-ah-ah...ayyyy" nmDougSloan
Aug 16, 2002 6:04 AM
Is that the boy....MXL02
Aug 16, 2002 1:17 PM
or you when he starts to pee on you whilst changing his diaper? ;-)
at that point, that would be me :-) nmDougSloan
Aug 16, 2002 1:56 PM
re: Cute things your kids have saidLen J
Aug 16, 2002 6:49 AM
My daughter will kill me for telling this story but .......

My youngest daughter (who is now 17) has always idolized her older bother Dennis. When she was about 2 1/2, and beginning to get used to going potty, we were all at a resturant when she announced that she had to go. So I take her to the mens room (only place I can take her), rush her by the urinals & take her into a stall. She proceeds to pull down her pants and stand in front of the toilet like she is going to pee standing up.

"What are you doing Chris?"
"I'm going to go standing up."
"I don't think that's going to work, Chris."
(Hands on Hips, she shouts) "If Dennis can do it, I can do it!"
Picture laughter erupting from the stalls on either side of us.

re: Cute things your kids have saidfirstrax
Aug 16, 2002 7:01 AM
Actually this is kind of scary. When my ex-wife kicked her 3rd husband out (I was the 1st) My son, who didn't seem phased by it, said it was O.K. because maybe her next husband will have a pool.
my son used to pronounce "truck" the same as the "F" word (nm)ColnagoFE
Aug 16, 2002 7:43 AM
re: Cute things your kids have saidRoyGBiv
Aug 16, 2002 1:19 PM
My daughter learned to play chess when she was four.
After a year of playing, one day she asked me: "Dad, are you a better chess player than me."
"Honestly?" I replied.
"Yes, honestly."
"Well, yes I am a better chess player than you."
"Dad! I said honestly."
re: Cute things your kids have said4bykn
Aug 17, 2002 4:15 AM
When my elder daughter was about 2-3 years old she saw me walking from the shower to my bed room nude, she pointed to a particular part of my anatomy(which since then has been covered up while making that walk) and asked, "Daddy, is that your tail?"
My 5 year old asked me on my birthday....spookyload
Aug 17, 2002 7:10 PM
If I was going to get old skin soon like her grandmother has. I called my mother-in-law and let her explain where rinkles come from.
Just yesterdaySpinchick
Aug 18, 2002 4:00 AM
I took my 4yo to the pool to work on underwater swimming. She ended up with a noseful of water a couple of times. After the second time, I hear: "Mom, I'm gonna end up with a lake in my head."
Kids say the darnest things...DINOSAUR
Aug 20, 2002 7:34 PM
This is going back a couple of years. When my oldest son, Mike, was around 3 years old, he had difficulty pronouncing his T's. His T's came out as F's. We were in the family car and Mike was in the back seat in his car seat (that's what they called them back then). We were stuck in a traffic jam on a hot summer day in mid-afternoon and all the windows were rolled down (no a/c back then). A fire truck passed us going the opposite direction. Mike, like most 3 three olds loved fire trucks. He yelled at the top of his lungs for all to hear, "Look a fire *uck". I felt like climbiing underneath the front seat, then my wife and I started laughing. I still remind him of that story to this day.....
yup...mine said that for about a yearColnagoFE
Aug 22, 2002 6:28 AM
always took some explanation when there were people around us. "Look Daddy, F*ck!, F*ck!"
My 6-month old said...PsyDoc
Aug 21, 2002 12:31 PM

granted, what he said was in baby-ese, but he does enjoy talking.