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Google contest?(12 posts)

Google contest?DougSloan
Jul 11, 2002 10:52 AM
Here are some challenges, for all you internet Google (or whatever other search engine) experts. If you are like me, you enjoy the challenge.

So, see if you can find answers to the following; post the url to your results:

1. The name (first and last) of a friend of mine who owns an auto repair business in Mission, Kansas (sometimes called "Shawnee Mission"). The business is named after him, and he has a web site.

2. In what year did Ernesto Colnago first present a custom made bike to the Pope? What color was the bike?

3. What famous person said, "Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use."

4. What actor was a star in both Breaking Away and a movie about a kid beating up on two intruders?

Anyone want to play?

I use all the gears on my bike (nm)Woof
Jul 11, 2002 11:13 AM
daniel stern was the breaking away and home alone person (nm)ColnagoFE
Jul 11, 2002 11:50 AM
correct nmDougSloan
Jul 11, 2002 2:06 PM
#3 is charles shulzColnagoFE
Jul 11, 2002 12:09 PM
yup nmDougSloan
Jul 11, 2002 1:58 PM
Kipp SailorsPaulCL
Jul 12, 2002 7:19 AM

Jul 12, 2002 7:34 AM
Righto. You win one minute of free legal advice and a big smiley face:
Oh joy!!PaulCL
Jul 12, 2002 7:41 AM
So, what will a minute buy me??? Fine, I'm in the middle of having a corporate resolution rewritten...I'll fax it to you! :)

P.S. I typed into Yahoo: "mission kansas auto repair"
There was only one webpage hit. easy.
Jul 12, 2002 7:47 AM
I did the same search, and got 8,500 hits. I figured you'd have to narrow it and do some secondary searches.

I suppose I could comment on one sentence of your resolution. :-)

Different search engines - Yahoo vs Googel (nm)bikedodger
Jul 12, 2002 12:08 PM
couldn't narrow it down with Google so I gave up (nm)ColnagoFE
Jul 15, 2002 8:57 AM