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Multi tools?(5 posts)

Multi tools?ColnagoFE
Jul 10, 2002 9:44 AM
Hello...I think I've finally lost my trusty Swiss Army knife that I've had for 7 years. I have been looking at the "multitools" out there and came across something called the Leatherman Juice series. Anyone have one of these? Worth getting or would you recommend something else. I carried my Swiss Army daily and found it extremely useful for a variety of small tasks. Kinda feel naked without having it. I don;t really need this for the bike since I have all the tools I need there--more like general household tasks.
re: Multi tools?JS Haiku Shop
Jul 10, 2002 11:21 AM
not the juice, but i do have a leatherman given me by a navy big-wig that's just about indestructable. it's more of the typical multitool, though, not a knife-base. i think they run way more than $100 (the one i've got). longer than a swiss army knife. of course, you probably already know the most important part of a multitool: bottle opener.
yup...the bottle opener has saved me many times (nm)ColnagoFE
Jul 10, 2002 12:06 PM
re: Multi tools?Beaver
Jul 10, 2002 11:39 AM
I'm not familiar with the Juice, but if you are looking for something small, a Leatherman Micra might do the trick. I don't leave home without it. Has scissors when opened instead of pliers like a standard Leatherman, tweezers, bottle opener, small flat head screw driver on bottle opener tip, scary sharp knife blade, another flat head screw driver, kind of a phillips screw driver, and finally a nail file. Easily fits in a pants pocket and it's the same size as the small Swiss Army knife.

I do have a Leatherman Wave and a BuckTool, both are fairly compact but still to big to carry in a pants pocket. I would recommend the Wave over the BuckTool. The Wave has better features like locking blades and the Buck has been regulated to my fishing tackle box.
Leatherman Wave.Miklos
Jul 11, 2002 11:46 AM
I have six different Leathermans, but the wave is my favorite. My wife has a very cool one that I got her for Christmas, it is the Flair. It has a good cork screw that has came in handy a few times.

The Leatherman tools have a 25 year warranty and very good customer service. I go by there plant every day on my commute and stopped in there on Monday for the first time. I dropped off my fathers Wave for repair. He had broken off a blade stop. Absolutely no hassles on the warranty.

If you shop around, you should be able to find the Wave for $60 on sale.