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How Airport Security Works?(3 posts)

How Airport Security Works?AllisonHayes
Jul 5, 2002 4:50 AM

Given the tragic events yesterday at LA Airport, how far should security extend at airports as well as other public transportation?

And even if we develop more secure measures, won't terrorists find other areas to strike?

b Becoming a fatalist?

Maybe we will reach a point where we just accept random terrorism as a reality and convince ourselves that it is a numbers games and the odds of being a victim are so small that we may as well just carry on with what we do and leave our fate up to the odds. Kind of like cycling....?
combating suicidal zealotsDougSloan
Jul 5, 2002 5:21 AM
If someone is willing to die committing a crime, there is not much you can do, except limit the opportunities to kill lots of people at once (like on the airplane, football stadium, etc.).

If not the airport, it could have been a Jewish daycare center (remember?), restaurant, ....

I was thinking about this nutsiness of having a religion (or an interpretation of one) that tells you it's not only ok to murder for your cause, but actually is encouraged. About the closest our culture has come to that, I suppose, were the D-Day attacks, where thousands of Americans and Brits went into battle, knowing fully well that many would not survive. The key difference, I suppose, is that those men were only attacking military people, not innocent civilians.

Those who sacrfice freedom for security deserve neither...jose_Tex_mex
Jul 5, 2002 8:33 AM
Wasn't it Benjamin Franklin who said "Those who are willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither." There will always be acts of violence until we learn why human beings are estranged. We'll never remove violence, but we do need to guard against the "big hit." Imagine what a differnt world we would live in if cockpit doors were fortified and locked. Unfortunately, you cannot fight a problem until there is a problem.

As for accepting terrorism, there's always been plenty of bombs and killing from white supremacists. We have lived with that for years.

There probably is a much better chance of being killed cycling than by any terrorist.