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Colorado fires and Terry Lynn Barton(3 posts)

Colorado fires and Terry Lynn Bartonpeloton
Jun 21, 2002 12:29 PM
I only have one question here. Is this woman the biggest idiot in the country? Someone hide the matches.
the Mad Dog on this:lonefrontranger
Jun 21, 2002 1:43 PM

he always makes me smile.

On that note, I followed a couple of teenaged zombies home from work yesterday, watching zombiette flicking her cigarette ashes out the window. Made me want to haul them both out of the car and beat 'em.
Jun 21, 2002 2:39 PM
Thanks- I needed that. I'd like to add the guy who drove his car into me reducing my dura-ace TCR to scrap yesterday to Mad dog's list as well. :)