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Heart rate & other random observations(1 post)

Heart rate & other random observationsMatno
Jun 20, 2002 6:20 PM
Don't know why I'm posting this, but I was pleased to see a comparison (in Team Saturn's "Cycling" publication) of a road racer and an NFL linebacker. The reason I was pleased was that I am almost identical in every dimension to the featured rider (can't remember his name now, but hey, he's a pro). The only difference in the specs they listed is that my biceps are bigger (dang he must have a skinny upper body...) and I'm pretty sure I can't leg press 850 pounds! (Although I haven't ever actually tried...).

The other thing I noticed today that was kind of weird was that my resting heart rate was 48. I double checked it because I've never seen it that low. I wasn't doing anything physical, but I was kind of stressed (studying biochemistry) so it seemed all the more weird. Maybe I just need to turn the AC off... :)

Anyway, both of those observations made me want to go out and get in shape, since I'm definitely NOT in good shape right now.