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Len J. Thanks for the father's day ideas(2 posts)

Len J. Thanks for the father's day ideasPaulCL
Jun 17, 2002 5:19 AM
I gave a copy of your post about great father's day gifts to my wife. My idea was that we should have our children (ages 9,7, & 3) do this at some later date.

My wife surprised me. She had them make up cards with pockets on the front. In the pockets, they cut out drawings of things dad does - ride, woodwork, cook, etc..and put notes on the drawings. The notes basically said thank you or mentioned their appreciation.(I never thought they noticed my cooking dinner everynight? Go figure?) My oldest also wrote a note telling me what she loved about me (hard work, I encourage her, I'm always there, Dad is for "safety", etc) and what she didn't (i.e. I don't let her "get away with stuff"). My wife warned me to get a tissue before I read the note. She was right.

It was a great gift. Keep the shirts. Keep the bike stuff. Give me the appreciation and love anyday.

Great idea Len. It made my day.
The rest of the story.Len J
Jun 17, 2002 6:03 AM
I saved the letters I got & several years later, gave them back to my kids as a Xmas gift along with similar letters to them from me. It's wonderful to rediscover, tangibly, what is really special about the one's you love.

Congrats on having your priorities in order, and Happy Fathers day.